Anyone have a Mantis Blackbeard

With the ammo shortage and a lot more time on my hands at home I’ve been looking at additional dry fire options. I came across this auto trigger reset system for an AR15.

Does anyone have one of these? If so, what are your thoughts?


I’m thinking I’d wait until they incorporate the 10X shooting system into it. I’d be very interested to see what mechanism they use to cock the hammer just from a mechanical stand point. That is a lot of mass to move backwards against some fairly stiff springs.




Yeah there isn’t a whole lot of information about it on their product site. It does say supports up to 10 shots per second…which sounds like a lot of shots. :thinking: I’m curious how it works. I’ll wait to see what reviews come in. Looking for any insight in anyone here has one or heard anything about it.

With a $200 price tag I’m not rushing in. That’s a lot of ammo :grin:

Thanks @Craig6