Getting going with the AR through MantisX


I got the MantisX Blackbeard for the AR15 for Christmas. I’m newer to rifle and was wondering what the best approach might be with this training module.

Suggestions for bench shooting with it first, then standing with a brace, then standing without any assistance? Thoughts on how to use the MantisX to build up from the bench to freestanding?

As you can imagine, the scores on Mantis are way better from the bench :joy:.

Thanks in advance!!


I dont have the blackbeard, i do have the mantisx though. The program should give you several training options along with daily drills.

I don’t know how much experience you have with the AR platform , if you are new and it’s your first I would highly recommend taking a class.


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I have a mantis x and a blackbeard. I use the black beard for doing snap drills, where on the shot timer que you go from a compressed high ready to on target and break the shot. If you have thr laser model you can set up targets to get refrence for your height over bore at various ranges without a trip to the range.

The mantis x is great for learning trigger control fundamentals through dryfire training. I have thousands of dryfires on mine. If you work the programs and pay attention to what it says you are doing you will see great improvements in no time.


Thank you!!!


i forgot to mention, the laser models of the blackbeard also work with the mantis laser academy, which is setup for your phone to watch the target and register your laser hit placement. the laser academy i don’t have any actual hands on with but i hear great things about it when people use all 3 together. all the mantisx does is watch and record muzzle movement to calculate micro movements of the device and processes what directions you are moving it to before, during, and after breaking the shot.

if you are doing a LOT of dryfire i highly recommend buying a set of azoom snap caps, as it will make wear and tear on dryfiring on an empty chamber less hard on your firearms.

Happy training :slight_smile: