Love the MantisX Blackbeard for Rifle :)

Suggestions for using this tool with an AR or other stories? Should I start “bench shooting” or bracing my arm? What distance should I start at? Does anyone use the MantisX targets?

ETA: Reminder for folks to check if there is a USCCA discount for Mantis products. The blackbeard was a gift, but if there is a discount I may use it for more goodies.


I have original Mantis for my rifle. I don’t use it with the targets at all, but I can definitely see how. those can be great for instant feedback.

I have mine zeroed for about 15/20 feet with my home defense AR. I find it to be most useful in my house for basic drills such as ready-ups, and smaller drills such as the 3,2,1 drill. I. haven’t done it yet, but I could also see value in setting up 2 targets and practicing going from one target to another.

What will the rifle you use your Mantis on be used for?


This is my first AR, so I think it will be for home defense. 15/20 feet sounds like a good goal, thank you!

My first scores were just from shouldering the rifle…and they were NOT pretty :grimacing:.

On a side note, the laser from the MantisX also works on our laserlight “can” that we use for dry fire pistol practice :).

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Me and my son are saving up for one to share.


Blackbeard is awesome. The X10 is awesome,too. Basically, I love Mantis.

Mostly, I use my Blackbeard for getting used to my trigger. I set up targets sometimes, but mostly, I work on getting the laser where I want it as quickly as possible.

I don’t use it as often as I should, though, because the battery will NOT hold a charge.


This thread got me interested and I just searched it. Any potential for this to cause problems with the trigger?

I have both the Mantis Blackbeard for AR’s and then the Laser Academy with laser bullet for handguns. I really like them both a lot. The laser academy seems to really just be set up for handguns as far as the targets and drills go but I have used it with the Blackbeard and AR’s a bit as well. Even if I am not using the laser academy to track anything, I have 5 of the small targets set up on a bookshelf that I use for dry fire with both handguns and rifles and it is nice to have a target other than a light switch, outlet, doorknob etc. I am hoping that they will work in some rifle drills with the Laser Academy but unfortunately not sure that will happen with the Blackbeard X out now. For those wondering, as a USCCA member you do in fact have a discount for Mantis products on your Member Dashboard as well!


I did not realize that. Thanks for posting that Brandon!