MantisX system users let's hear your thoughts


I’ve read briefly on three different discussions here about the MantisX system for both dry fire and live fire improvement of your trigger pull. While I don’t live in a cave and DIAL people up on my rotary phone, I’m also not one of those people that is super savvy with tech stuff either. So, to that end, I’d love to hear some user reviews of the MantisX system and also know if using the mag adapter over the rail adapter makes a difference in the quality feedback it gives you?

USCCA members do get a 10% discount on the system for those that might not know that. I’m in no way related to, work for, nor do I get anything from the company, I’m just trying to solicit some honest feed back while contemplating getting it? (Unless someone from the company is reading this and wants an honest review for sending me the unit :rofl:)

Link is here if you are not familiar with the system:


I have the MantisX and use it both on and off the range. It is a great tool for your toolbox. It is best used in live fire since that is where most of us have problems. I can score high 90’s with dry fire but significantly lower in live fire. It is an awareness tool beyond where the holes are on the target in that you can see right away what you did during the trigger press. You get instant feedback (both visual and audible) after each trigger press. I like it, it works for me.

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@MAXIMILIAAN, do you have it on the rail of your firearm or an adapter on your magazine? Thanks for the review!


I have it on a rail under the barrel of my Sig P320 and also have a rail adapter for my Sig P365. It works very well on both of them. The mount adapter for the 365 is a little different but not a problem.

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So, it is under your barrel for both your pistols if I’m reading correctly? Have you heard anything personally about its performance when adapted to a magazine? Thanks again for your feedback.


Yes, it attaches below the barrel on my guns on the rail. The P365 needs a adapter because the rail is different. The adapter is inexpensive. I have no personal experience with the mag attachment but Mantis says it works.

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I have a MantisX and I am happy with mine, as are the people I know that also have them. It did start a new “game” at the range. several people, myself included, all had MantisX units and we made a game of shooting for highest Mantis scores.

The higher Mantis scores do directly correlate to better shooting. I, of course, also use it for dry fire practice.

On the pistols without rails (in my case, that is most of my pistols) can use the stick on piece of rail they sale. To use them you need to accept that one magazine is going to have a bit of rail on the bottom.

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I researched several dyr fire laser systems and just received iTarget in the mail today. Will let you know what I think.


@MAXIMILIAAN, thanks for the clarification and input.

@Hasaf, welcome to the community and thanks for weighing in! I’m glad to hear that the magazine adapter works well as I have older Sigs that don’t have the rail system. What does the winner of the game get for scoring the highest? Lunch? A free round when you meet up later at the pub? Or just the knowledge you shot the best that day?

@Samuel, looking forward to your results. Good luck with the iTarget system!


Shephard. I have used the itarget three times in the last week. The first time was setting up.
-Laser cartridge very simple
-Instant feedback on phone app for dry fire practice
-Will take save picture of screen for keeping track of practice
-Very accurate
Issues (small):
-Have to set screen at initial use each time
-Can only fire one shot at a time with current pistol (Sig 320) before racking slide. Would be nice to conduct multiple sequential shots
-App stops when I try to download picture and then have to reset. However, somehow pictures still show up on my phone. I sent in a trouble request.
-Obviously cannot use my phone for metronome app or video taping while it is in the itarget mode.
I intend to continue to use


I am interested to know if Mantis system will let you conduct sequential shots. Sounds like it does since it seems to be trigger related and not firing pin activated. Appreciate comment back.


It is designed to read real or dry fire. Just pulling the trigger without the real trigger break will not work. I have to rack the slide after each trigger press when I dry fire. It needs to sense the trigger break.


Thanks for the comprehensive write up. I’ll have to look into that system as well. Keep us updated as you go along and thanks again.