Issue with Shield Plus and Mantis X

I need using the Mantis X ( ) for some time now on a number of firearms and I love it… I just got a Shield Plus and started to try with the Mantis X Elite but I keeps telling me that I am “Slapping The Trigger” as I am live firing it… If I am doing Dry Fry I am getting scores in 92 and above with the same gun.

Can someone please give me tips on this

Contact the company and give them access to your data. I had an issue quite awhile ago, it was not registering all shots during dry-fire. They updated their app for my handgun. It could be a variance do to recoil that might have a software fix.

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Thanks I been talking to them daily about this… lol… I love the product

@AZJustMe2021 , you have mentioned on another thread that you shoot Shield Plus left… now the Mantis X tells you that you “Slap The Trigger” …

You cannot compare results from live firing to dry firing. If you have great score without ammo and bad results with ammo… perhaps you are “Slapping The Trigger” … :thinking:

Tip on these two? Practice. Get help from local Instructor. Practice then again…