Mandatory vaccines Will you comply

Intresting factoid: police kill approximately 1,400 people in the United States each year. Medical malpractice is responsible for approximately 250,000 deaths in the United States each year

From those numbers, Police (the supposed reason cities are on fire) cause one half of one percent as many deaths as medical neglegence/mistakes do each year.

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Logical people may come to some weird conclusions, such as

  • police is not the reason cities are on fire
  • Vaccine Injury Fund exists, meaning vaccines cause injuries
  • the “science” behind vaccines is statistical safety; but when your own child is having an extreme reaction to a shot, it matters little
  • people who understand the science behind vaccines should feel very comfortable seeking injection of the brand new and available Russian Sputnik V vaccine

Not sure. I am a person who wants to get my vaccinations. I dont like being sick, and the vaccinations have not hurt me yet.

Think of all the nasty diseases vaccines have almost eliminated… Polio, Hepatitis, Rubella, Measles, whooping cough… vaccines are not a bad thing.

As far as COVID, I would probably wait as long as possible to be sure it seemed to be safe. They have rushed it along, but have also put amazing resources into it. We have technologies today we didnt have 10-20 years ago that allow us to speed the Vaccine process up. I would however prefer to wait until it has had more time to be studied (field trials).

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I’ll treat it like every other medical decision. Research first. Assess risks. Weigh the pros and cons. Nothing to rush out to get. The more people who get it before I do, the more likely that any adverse reactions become apparent, which feeds back into risk assessment. I do get a flu shot every year and have done so for decades. Never had a reaction. I don’t think the flu shot poses any risk at all to me. You might be different, so you do you. I’ll just do me.

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It’s George Carlin, so you know there is going to be language but he’s spot on!

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H, E, double hockey sticks, NO. I don’t even take the flu shot! The only vaccine I have is for rabies, because I work around wildlife.


I won’t need it to be mandatory, hell I am about ready to sign up for a trial. The fact that Covid, an illness, became political is stupid.

That people in this organization will carry a gun to protect themselves and others but won’t wear a mask for the same reason tells me all I need to know about how much sense people make.

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What does that mean?

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If you can pretend Bruce Jenner is a woman & Kamala Harris is black, and Biden is sane, you can pretend I’m wearing a mask.:crazy_face: (Actually, I do wear one. Still I guess I’m not as worried as the government tells me I’m supposed to be.)


Mosquitoes are a problem in FL all year long. Should I put up a fence to block them? If a mask is efficient in blocking virus particles, that are 200-1000 times smaller than holes in the fabric, then fences should work against insects.

I do wear a mask, though absurd, it calms easily excited folks. A good idea.


I work in construction and we ware R95 mask wich is a good mask but it only keeps half the dust out wich there made to do but you fell safe with a piece of cloth over your face to keep out a virus thats 1000 times smaller.
Just a little story on how silly people are I walked into the store the other day and forgot my mask so I put my shirt over my face and the woman at the counter told me your shirt is not a mask right after that a gentleman walks in with a bandana tied around his mouth and nose but he was perfectly fine because he had a mask which is no different than my shirt but his bandana made her feel safe