Covid Stories


So, I just got my test results back this morning, and I’ve got the covids. I’ve been on antibiotics for some infections I’ve had, and I feel better than I’ve felt in a while. My main symptoms are slightly more congestion than usual.

Does /did anyone else have the Wu Flu? What are your stories?


This one was not taken from my testing center… but looks exact the same. 3 hr waiting time…
Coming to my physician ends with the same time… just instead of waiting in the car I wait in the hallway.

So to make the story short… I just assume that I already had or have Covid19 whenever I feel symptoms.
I’m in the good position to stay and work from home to minimize the risk of accidentally infect others.

I’ve got typical symptoms on February but that time nobody knew what it was. Then maybe 3 times similar 2 - 3 days “flu” symptoms…

I decided to be tested one time about 2 months ago… of course negative… :grimacing: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Healthy food, a lot of fluids (water, lemon juice, coffee), honey, garlic, ginger and vitamins - that all I need to stay in good shape :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope you get better soon.

One of my cousins a couple states over got Covid while in the hospital (treated for a drunk driver that crashed into her car). She’s in her 60’s, but got over it and is doing well.

A friend’s uncle a couple states up (I think in his late 70’s) contracted it and they thought he wouldn’t make it; he was intubated. After a couple months, he is back in good health.

Another friend said his co-worker got it (late 60’s high blood pressure, other chronic conditions) and she felt like she had a fever for a few days. She’s recovered, too.

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Unfortunately Wu-Flu is unpredictable. Wise and smart prevention is the only way to be safe.

My uncle in Poland decided to visit his friends (small “name day” party). He asked his son to drive him and stay there for a while.
Week later my cousin (who drove) ended up with hospitalization, intubation… and unfortunately he didn’t make it.
My uncle haven’t had a single symptom… he is over 80 year old… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry to hear about your cousin. Condolensces.

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My Pastor tested positive Sunday, so on Monday we went up to Roswell to be tested. The line was all the way around the block, and more people showed up after us. We had friends in the line who we’d been with a lot. We figured that if any of us had it, all of us would have it, so we got in their car to wait it out.

They had been there for two hours already. Five hours later, we were three cars from being tested. They had one tester, and she told us that they were out of the tests. We had to come back tomorrow.

So, the next morning, we got up at five and drove back up to Roswell. We were not at the front of the line, but we were at least only after the first turn. After an hour of waiting, the testing started, and after another hour or two, we finally got to the front of the line. They still had one tester.

Today we found out we were all positive, and another friend in Roswell drove by the testing center, and they had THREE! She said it was all she could do to not yell at them. She’d waited for too many hours herself.


I most likely had it back in December of 2018. Was very sick, down for over a week. Prior to that, I had t been sick in over 15 years. Pretty sure I had it…


I had covid-19. My symptoms were headaches, dizziness, up and down temperature spiking at 103.5 low at 96.4, hard to breathe like something was on my chest, hard cough, joint pain, muscle pain and severe skin irritation. When I say severe skin irritation, I mean severe skin irritation. Just being dressed bothered my skin so bad that I could not sit still. It hurt.


I for got two symptoms that it started with. Loss of taste and loss of smell right off the bat then the headaches


I lost those, but I always lose those with my seasonal sinus infections, so I wasn’t worried.

I’m dealing with it right now. Started with headaches, dizziness and night sweats. Then came the loss of smell and taste, cough and sore throat. I also felt like I had rug burn all over my body, thank goodness that only lasted 2 days!! Oh and I woke up with swollen lips one morning!!


Thx God you are ok @Steven120. Even only 2 days… but sometimes it may look like the most important 2 days of the Life :zipper_mouth_face:

My son’s coworker didn’t remember those 2 days. He lost consciousness and woke up 10 days later. All was good after these 10 days, but he spent another 2 weeks at home trying to start his life again… :pray:

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@Jerzy only the rug burned feeling skin sensation lasted 2 days. I am still having the other symptoms. Wow that is super unfortunate for your sons co-worker, im glad he’s doing OK now. I wouldn’t wish this virus on my enemies!!

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I am beginning to realize just how blessed I have been. I don’t feel sick at all.


56 yo, had it, got over it. It sucked for 7 days.
i’m relatively young, relatively healthy, and blessed.
My wife is a stat nurse as OSUMC–she sees literally the sickest of the sick.
While for most of us, it will be ok–you can’t predict it up front, and we still don’t know the long term sequela. I know of an ongoing study with younger athletes who are having a lot of heart issues because of it.
Worst part was I couldn’t smell or taste anything for a month. NOT EVEN BACON