Mandatory Training = Gun Control

Anything that makes it harder for an American to purchase a gun is gun control - do you agree?


Yes. Illinois is the poster child for this. Every part of owning a gun starts with you must have a FOID(Firearm owner ID), and goes from there. Now they even want to change the FOID law, so that a law abiding citizen would have to submit fingerprints to get their FOID card. It’s backdoor registration. They may not know exactly what guns you own, but, they’ll know you potentially own them, and they got what amounts to a poll tax from you.


As the article stated, extreme mandatory training can be gun control. As the article states, people that own firearms can benefit from a course in safe, proficient, and the legal use of firearms. The rub is to have standards that don’t create the first scenario but accomplish the second. I inherited a ton of rifles and a couple of pistols. These are legally mine and even if I didn’t have a background in how to handle and shoot rifles, shotguns, and pistols, I would still legally own them. That is a scary statement.

I’ve met people that have inherited various guns and have never handled a gun in their life. I’ve handled numerous calls, asked people if there are any weapons in their house, been told yes, I inherited “Dad’s, Grandpa’s, etc” service/hunting/target weapon years ago, but it is unloaded in the drawer in there. Upon inspection, it had a full magazine with one in the chamber or the revolver was fully loaded. They had no idea. Let’s face it, gone are the days where most Americans have a class in school, or a parent or grandparent teach them about gun safety and shooting. I don’t know the answer, but I would be inclined to think most states could implement a safety course that wouldn’t infringe on our rights to safely own and use a firearm. Or I would have said that confidently 5 years ago, but seeing what some states are doing in a variety of areas, I’m not so sure.


While I am very pro-training, I am not for mandatory training. It may seem counterintuitive, but the sales records don’t lie, states that went constitutional carry showed a large increase in the amount of voluntary training civilians paid for.

Let capitalism work!


I would amend that statement Dawn to read " Anything that makes it harder for an American to keep the guns he/she owns is gun control." Your statement is accurate though.


“The Right of The People Shall Not Be Infringed”.

Does a law requiring everyone to have mandatory training to purchase or possess a firearm violate that constitutional preclusion on infringement?


Is the purpose to control the number of guns owned by the law abiding public?


Is the intent to make it more difficult for the whole of the law abiding public to lawfully purchase and possess firearms?


How is it then by definition no a violation of the 2nd Amendment and how can it be considered anything other than “Gun Control”?


I had to laugh. I didn’t even read the header and less than halfway through the second paragraph I knew it had to be written by Beth.

More very sound writing on her part.


I’m all for firearms training. And feel that if you own a firearm that you should know not only how to shoot it but also know how to maintain it as well. And to do it safely. When I got my first handgun I looked for a firearm safety class and took it. The class said that .22lr guns were to be used. And I had one. And used it for the class. But others that were in the class had other caliber guns and they were aloud to shoot them. And when I got a long gun I also looked for and took a firearm safety class and took it as well. And I’ve taken several firearms safety classes over the years. Some in person and some online. and I’ve even taught a few people how to shoot as well. The main thing is that if you own a firearm you should ALWAYS BE LEARNING ABOUT THEM ALL OF THE TIME.


I agree - and you’ll never run out of things to learn!


I appreciate your message and I am in full agreement about learning and training. I started to

educate in Safety, First Aid, and how to handle a Firearm. with all its Fundamentals. Concerns are

that I hope some YOYO does not come up with some training course that only a Navy Seal could

handle and then would question the creator. Training on a regular basis, but that is basic, Compared to the

military’s way, I am not military or police and I have only 3 years experience with training;

I have just begun.

Thank You!

William H Smith Jr

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Dawn, I couldn’t agree more. And I find that USCCA has A LOT OF GREAT TRAINING VIDEOS AND BLOGS TO LEARN FROM.


The joys of living in Illinois!


The best defense against government overreach is for all legal gun owners to voluntarily attend quality firearms classes. I really do care how well you shoot, I care about your overall firearms knowledge. Do you know the law on use of force in your state? Do you know the difference between a discount store holster and a retention holster? Do you know the pitfalls of off body carry? Are you mentally prepared for an encounter and are you strong enough to walk away if the opportunity presents itself. Shooting skills are important but they are only one piece of the pie.