Man Who Killed BLM Protester Has Self Defense Ruling Overturned, DA Caves To BLM And Man is Indicted

Another story about a good guy with a gun getting screwed over by the system. From what I can tell, all he did wrong, was carrying concealed when his permit expired. However, had he not been carrying, he for sure would have been choked out if not killed.


I will reserve judgement until the facts are in. Not all people with a gun are good guys. Look at the guys who chased down the jogger in GA, shot him and said it was self defense. If you chase someone down, try to question or detain him…a struggle happens and then point a gun at them then it is not self defense.

For all I know the DA might be doing this to help the guy. Maybe he is going through the motions thinking the guy will get off even if it takes a while in court to stop others from harming him.

Or the guy literally could have said on social media that he was just waiting for an excuse.

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Bad guy wins, good guy looses!

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When the County Attorney declined to file charges he did a very good job of explaining the law. This special prosecutor was appointed to do nothing but appease the racists in N. Omaha. During his interview for the local liberal media he made the comment that HE would decide what “evidence” was presented to the grand jury-- this tell me that Gardner was going to be charged. There was no way Gardner was not going to be charged. BTW, the County Attorney is a died-in-the-wool liberal-- he chose not to file charges… that says a lot.

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Danny…agree that the information we know makes it look like it is purely a liberal based attack. I am still going to reserve judgement because I don’t know all the facts and I am also not going to be part of the jury. As the training through USCCA points out so well…even if you may have been in the right it does not mean you won’t be arrested and charged. I don’t know either party involved or any people that were close friends to them and I was not there that night. I will say it will be very damning for the shooter if he was on any social media platforms or publiclly saying/giving the impression he was looking for trouble. That does not mean it was or was not justified. It just means it is going to be a lot harder for them.

All I am trying to say is we should always strive to avoid jumping to conclusions without all the facts. We need to avoid stereotypes, whether they are good or bad. If we don’t we are just helping the people that want to take all guns away. But we do need to have continual dialogue to learn and grow…even if we may be playing devil’s advocate.

I am going to make an assumption based on your avatar and thank you for your service .


What happens if the Jury finds him not guilty? Given the circumstances and the charges, does it create a precedent for future self-defence situations, and beyond Nebraska?

An acquittal will have no positive effect anywhere… the only thing that will come of the not guilty verdict will be riots and Omaha police department standing down ( I mean-- redeploying). It would be nice if a hefty “malicious prosecution” lawsuit could meet the special prosecutor…

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