Make sure you’re more than aware!

The other day my roommate sent me to get McDonald’s, to get food from the drive through, in the middle of the drive thru I see a woman get out of her truck, so I crack the window just to hear what’s going on because nobody just gets out of their car in a drive thru.

She comes up to these people they rolled their window all the way down, and she said, “Do you have $1.50?” They said no and after that I locked my doors and grabbed my can of mace as she walked to my vehicle asking the same question. I told her no ma’m. Then she went and pulled up next to other people in the drive thru waiting to pay and get their food and asked all of them for money.

Make sure you’re pro-active in your self defense plan, and when you start going to orange make sure you’re doing everything that makes ya safe!

Have fun carrying!


Don’t trust anyone, anywhere, anytime EVER, anymore!




A dim, but necessary, view of reality!

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Yep, a lot of people don’t understand how important it is. Oh ya need a $1.50 I’ll give ya $1.50. Reach into your pocket and she sees you have a $20 bill. Now she’s going to be begging for that $20 bill. You just open up a can of worms.


One of my favorite responses to say, before they ask me for anything is, “no, I cant help”. At least in a situation where i can tell the person wants money. My other favorite is, “have an extra cigarette?” To which my response is, “sorry man, they didnt give me an extra when I bought this, maybe next time.”


“Nope, don’t have any cash, don’t smoke.” Roll window up. Walk away, or we turn the volume up a bit (it goes up to 11), and maybe plug into the Hi-Gain jack.

goes to 11

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My experience in Utah is they don’t come near the car unless invited. There still must be enough dumb elites to make it worth their while. Same people every day.

This is my new favorite quote!

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Where I live in SC the cops tell you not to give them money. There is literally like a church on every corner, plus shelters and food pantries. They said most just do it because on a busy corner they can make 75 plus an hour and are not really homeless. The cops said they can’t speak about the rest of SC but here there are tons of resources for the homeless.

I witnessed first hand 1 night a woman asking for money. She was mostly dressed the part in dirty and torn clothes but her socks were new. I went into the grocery store and when I came out guess what I saw…the same woman had walked partially across the parking lot and was getting behind the wheel of a new mustang.


Yep and one thing to look out for is when they ask for money they’ll look to see if you’re pulling out you wallet and see how much money you actually have and ask for more. Please sir you have $40 I haven’t eaten in a week and I really need that.

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Guess this is a situation where you need to be there to understand the situation. I have mixed feelings.
First, is the person blocking the drive thru lane. Some people are just idiots and feel self empowered at other peoples expense. If she were in FRONT of me, I MIGHT give the $1.50 just to be sure they dont hold up the line. What kind of vehicle were they in? Maybe they nmade a mistake. I am not going to press it for that amount.Yeh, it sucks, but a cheap POSSIBLE resolution to a bigger problem. If they are behind me, O might be more judgemental, but not going to create a scene.
I have no problem helping a person out who is in what appears obvious need, but not so empathetic to someone who is basically holding the people behind them hostage.
I seldom, very seldom, will give someone money, but I do keep snacks etc in my vehicle and will gladly give to someone in need.
Its a judgment call and every circumstance is different. I appreciate need, but despise greed and coercion.
I agree, ALWAYS be on guard, but when safe give a person a chance. If they are polite, not creating a scene etc, you just have to use your gut feeling, but never put yourself or others in danger.
Guess I dont know how to answer this. Be cautious, but dont be afraid to help somepne actually in need.

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She was in a white pickup truck and was actually in the drive thru lame, and I was right behind her and I had a car behind me.

Where i (used to) work in downtown Seattle, the cops give money to the street people.
They also won’t do anything if they witness a deranged person assault you-> “Call 911 or get my sergeant to tell me to do something, else you’re on your own”

Yeah, stand-down orders from the mayor to the chief on down to protect the “homeless” class oddly enough seems to lead to more of it.

Crap. You made me realize I’m old enough to remember those volume knobs, but not old enough to have forgotten.


Honestly here there really is a ton of help for the homeless.

Never been to Seattle but have been to San Francisco a few times for work. It blows my mind that instead of trying to help the homeless they passed laws making it legal to cr#$ in public and hand out clean syringes to them. That definitely attracts more.

The situation reminds me of FL years ago, where “robbers” would stop at a light, another car would pull up behind you and maybe even bump you, then get out and try to rob you while you were trapped between the 2 cars. Had this happen to me once, but fortunately I was armed, and so was my friend who was right behind the car that was behind me. We were aware of the technique so were pretty prepared. All I got was a bump on my drivers side taillight when the bad guys fled.

Yep. Sucks we have to be more vigilant than ever but that’s what we got to do.

Not too far back a town in Oregon finally got fed up with all the pan handlers. Yes, many are complete frauds. They passed an ordnance making illegal to give money to panhandlers. That crap stopped almost overnight.

When you have a big heart, these people want everything. We have a local guy who is obviously homeless, but he hustles—he’s always looking for bottles and cans to return for their deposits. He’s always filthy, has long hair, and looks like he can use a meal. True homeless people are not FAT. We treat him to a McDonalds meal when we see him because we know him. Sadly, out of towners come to this city to prey upon the wealthy.

Yes, if you’re really homeless, you lose the gut fairly quick. Nothing like near starvation as a diet.
I seldom offer help, as I never ever carry cash anymore, well, I got 1 single, want to see how long I can keep it. 5 months so far :grin:
But if you or I really wanted to help someone, just ask them this - do you have to have money, or will food do? The answer will tell you pretty much all you need to know.
For me, at least, were I in that horrible condition, I’d take the food, probably over the money. The two meds that actually keep me alive are free at the pharmacy I use, and a couple bucks does not buy much food-wise if no cooking is available. But, say, a can of ravioli or spaghettis-o’s, all you need is a plastic spoon and you got a belly full of quasi-nutritious um, food-ish. Full belly is the key here, though.
However, if they say, ‘naw, just money’ you know it’ll go to a bottle or a puff or even a boot. Sigh.