M&P shield 9mm

My mom got one at a gun show because of the way it felt in her hands. If she’d tried it first, she wouldn’t have gotten it. We want to like this gun, we just don’t.

First off, this gun has GREAT sights. Unlike my beloved Walther CCP, the white dots are bright and easily visible at all times, except perhaps darkness. If there is enough light to see normally well, your eyes can pick up the sights.

Unfortunately, the slide is more difficult to rack than other 9mm pistols we’ve tried. Right after she got this gun, my mom hurt her arm to the point where she could not rack the gun. It is healed now, but she still can’t rack the gun, though she can rack other 9mm’s.

The safety lever, which she definitely wants, is small, stiff, and sharp. I can flick the safety on and off with my thumb, though it scrapes me up. My mother’s smaller hands are incapable of manipulating the safety with one hand.

Also, there is a very easy way to take it down to clean, but you can’t find any mention of it in the manual. The “approved” and “official” way to take it down is convoluted and difficult. We never managed to do it.

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