Lytle Creek Firing Line ( San Bernardino, So. Cal )

Anyone ever been to this Range, great place to learn holstering from expert trainers.

Anyway the road to this place is fine until you get to the start of the not maintained section, There must be 100 + pot holes.

I figured with some spare time Id see if there was a way to resolve this for a place I like but with a road that needs some repair.

Lytle Creek Shooting Range ( Road Repair project )


Sooo… You really might want to tell everyone where it is?


I hope they don’t mind me doing this …


I used to do a lot of work out on the Navajo Reservation. Many of the “paved” roads out there are so full of potholes (some of them big enough to swallow a bus) that most people drive on the dirt beside the paved roads making unmaintained two tracks. They call the dirt tracks Navajo lanes out there.

It is so much cheaper to repair and maintain dirt roads than it is for paved roads. Not sure if there is an option to revert the beat up section to dirt? Getting rid of all the old pavement would likely be expensive as well.

Sounds like an interesting place. Hope you are able to solve the road issues!


No “they” usually don’t but it’s a dead link.

I corrected it


yeah, I kind of hope so too, I’m always up for a little challenge regarding doing something fairly involved for others to enjoy, especially when some may not seem confident or really know where to begin.

I have to find out if the permitted road this business is on can be privately maintained being that it is property of the National Forest, granted there is a sign at the beginning of the 2.86 mile road of 140 pot holes stating road not maintained beyond this point.


Used to shoot many combat matches there back in the 80s and 90s. The road in could be a real challenge when lytle creek was running. Haven’t been there in quite awhile, but in the day it was one of my favorite ranges. Had a lot of good times and shot with a great group of people. Miss those days. Have quite a collection of hat pins and “top gun” plaques from Lytle Creek.


As a point of clarification, when I shot competitions up there it was known as
West End Gun Club.

There is another Range further into the mountains.

Lytle Creek Firing Line

That is another club up there, closer to Interstate 15

A social media page I created for the hopeful donations
Pothole donation area on Facebook for Lytle Creek Firing Line

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