Anyone in the Pulaski Tennessee area?

Just looking for options around Pulaski as I am new to the area. Shooting areas, ranges and of course any hunting info :). I am a legal, Concealed permit holder.

Hey @Brian237 .

Have you tried this website?

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No sir, but I sure will. Thanks!!

Don’t you guys just use Google Maps?

Appreciate your feedback sir. They call me “boomer” at work for a reason I guess. That being I’m a pinch older and may not be up to speed on current technology. Again, appreciate it and just trying to connect to common ground …

I’m just south of Pulaski and you’ll find the area between Pulaski and Elkton has a large population of retired Marine Corps patriots. Look for vehicles where they self identify as USMC and ask where they recommend target practicing. Once you get to know some of the folks you may be welcomed, especially if you’re prior service military and patriotic.