Louisiana -Texas Reciprocity

Hey, all you Cajuns. What’s the laws on carrying in Louisiana. From Texas.

Pretty much the same as far as I know. I never had a problem in Texas, doubt you would have a problem here. I have heard that the New Orleans area is not very 2A friendly, but just what I hear, I stay away from that place.

New Orleans moved to my neighborhood along with the hoods. Never like NO. Lafayette is good. Not a fan of BR or the rest of LA. Just depends. I’m a huge fan of Texas.

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Well, if you get to the northern part of Louisiana, let me know, will buy you lunch. :grinning:

We’re gonna pass through Shreveport on the way home tomorrow. Natchedoches is where we’re staying. My family is in Dry Prong ( Kisatchie National Forest

Kisatchie is a beautiful place. I have seen the sign to Dry Prong, never been. I am usually on the Hwy 165 part of the state, a bit east.

High went to Dry Prong High.

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