Lost or Stolen arms insurance

Does the USCCA have or offer insurance for lost or stolen firearms? If not does anyone have any suggestions other than a rider on your home owners policy?

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Doubt it only for return of weapon after shooting incident. Had some with the nra but don’t know If it’s still good, with all their issues. I could be wrong ( about uscca) as I read this title I thought your insurance was lost or stolen, so having an off night.

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Ask your homeowners insurance provider. Adding firearms to existing contract may be the less expensive option.


Forgot that; true only a couple of bucks a year more.


Your home owners / renters insurance policy will probably have a rider available.

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I have recently been looking into this, myself.
This is the closest that I have found although it appears to be aimed at ‘Historic’ firearms and collectables ( as if all of mine aren’t collectable? :thinking: ).

Check out this other thread about insuring firearms currently going on as well: Insurance and my willingness to list