Personal Firearms Liability Insurance

Good Morning, I am wondering if anyone has found a Liability Insurance that covers things like Lost or Stolen Firearms, Hunting and Shooting Accident Liability or Accidental Discharge Coverage to name a few. I would be interested in looking into any companies you all have come across. This came up as my I discovered my homeowner’s insurance only covers up to $2,500. As some of you are aware that covers one rifle and scope.


I am not aware of anyone that offers any kind of Negligent Discharge insurance, regardless of the situation. However, theft insurance can be had for firearms. You can get a rider on your insurance using your existing company. I know too that the NRA has a member benefit called ArmsCare Plus firearms insurance. I would read the fine print. Most will need some kind of list of firearms that will need to be updated with every change or coverage will be incomplete. Coverage also might have storage requirements such as they are only covered in a safe that meets certain criteria. Coverage also will usually only be in place in home, maybe in vehicles under certain circumstances. So, if you are looking, make sure you are fully aware of all the requirements. And it is usually more expensive than you would expect.


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Yes, most Homeowner’s Insurance cover up to $2,5K, but you can ask your agent for additional coverage. You may be lucky and your Insurance can be expanded for extra coverage.


My home policy covers the first $10k.

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