Do you have gun insurance or home owner insurance?

Wanted to share an interesting article about home owners insurance. Kind discuss your experiences and ideas. Cheers!

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Also close the safe when not in use. My Grandfather always left his open. When his house burned down everything inside was destroyed.

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What if anything did he do to protect against water damage?

Here in the communist state of NY, after the NRA debuted Carry Guard, the state said they weren’t allowed to sell it. That also meant they could no longer insure my guns!

State farm has firearm insurance through another company. I cover 10K in guns for $125 a year. This includes theft or loss as well as if my house were to flood, burn down etc.
I gave them receipts for everything and they will cover at replacement cost, not just what I paid.

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Glad to hear that you’ve got that extra insurance on your firearms, @Sneezy! They’re not inexpensive to replace!