Looking for a Definition of "End of Democracy"

I keep hearing the phrase “End of Democracy”. If Donald is re-elected it will be the “End of Democracy”, Joe keeps trying to have his opponent jailed that’s the “End of Democracy”, White supremist militias are a sign of the “End of Democracy”, J6 protesters were rioting for the “End of Democracy”.
What does all of this mean? Do these groups of political activists, politicians, media talking heads really think that the current administration and those that oppose them are capable of taking down a Republic that has stood through a hell of a lot more than these political pissing contests? What do they think one party, one group, one race are actually going to do? AND after they do it, do they really believe that WE the American Citizen are going to sit by and allow it?


democracy??? Franklin said it’s 2 wolves and a sheep voting on whats for lunch…


we do NOT have a democracy and never did!!!

recite the pledge of allegiance???

and look up the quote from Franklin when asked what government we have…

wish the media that leans right would start saying the truth… by allowing the word democracy…

the support the leftist and their agenda… they play along so to speak…


Democracy works until it runs out of other people’s money… Oops, no, this was Socialism.

They mean the end to their Socialist thievery will come sooner than they hoped…


As I have said elsewhere, disagreeing and opposing the party in power is not the end of democracy. A one party state and eliminating opponents from being on the ballot is the end. Technically we are a republic and not a democracy but that means little to those in power now.


When we realized we are all in this boat together and if we want to sink their boat we are sinking our own. Politics is a race that makes the American people stronger. The war is with the people that want to murder us.
We all saw what happened in Israel. They we caught in condition white when the SHTF. They are not distracted by politics now.
What does @Don102 say WWG1WGA ( Where we go one we go all)
IDK maybe I am triggered.


Democracy means (to a liberal) the DemoRats and the Deep State stay in power. Trump and MAGA movement are a threat to their version of democracy. As pointed out, we are not a democracy.

They will literally try anything to stop Trump.


In power of what? Nobody is in power of me but me. I don’t disagree with you . Anything they do to stop Trump only makes him stronger. One cannot win an election by making his opponent look bad. One has to make himself look good.


For me, “end of democracy” is when:

(1) political disputes are settled not through electoral means but via violence against rivals, such as fighting in the streets to determine whose favored individuals hold office but also includes jailing rivals or using the legal system to prosecute/punish political rivals;

(2) the political system is characterized by office holders who are in office for a lifetime rather than citizens who temporarily step out of their private lives to do a stint in public service;

(3) the “rule of law” is largely ignored and replaced by a partisan judicial/law enforcement;

(4) citizens have lost confidence in their government and no longer participate in the electoral process; and,

(5) government is more accurately characterized as “government ‘of’ the people” instead of “government ‘by’ or ‘for’ the people”.

The more important question, then, is “What can/should individuals do about it?”

If the results of revolutions in the last century are any guide, when the people “rise up” Stalins and Maos are produced more frequently than the likes of Jefferson and Adams. That makes things worse, not better.

Russian Revolution


What ever they/we please. That is what individuals are fighting for.


Based on past history when governments face political and economic instability usually magnified by the corrupt acts of those in power there often ends up being significant events that so upset the everyday lives of citizens that they not only allow some other form of rule to take over but they welcome it with open arms in hopes that it will end the strife and restore peace and security. More often than not the citizens don’t get what they were hoping for.


When someone tells you that you can’t vote for your candidate because they are a threat to democracy.


I’m not worried about democracy, but I am concerned about the republic.


I think the end of democracy is a lot like Armageddon


Anything that ends my power grab is considered the End of Democracy. Of course not allowing the people to actually choose what they want is never considered the End of Democracy.


That’s easy! The start of “A Republic”! The BS we have now is a democracy! Don’t you get it, democracy-democrats! Republic-Republicans! They have proven over and over again democracy doesn’t work! It’s time for a change, anyway we can! Let’s Take America Back!!!


@Ted44 welcome to the community!

I believe “End of Democracy” is a catchphrase for end-all-open-and-fair-elections.”

By haranguing Trump while covering for Biden, the uninformed populace is largely unaware of what is happening in this country.

I’m sure you’ve heard people excuse themselves by saying they don’t have time, or care, or understand the mechanics of politics.

We don’t even know who the presidential candidates will be, yet most of us know for whom we will vote in November.

Democrats are desperately trying to stack the deck against Trump, plus every other Republican candidate.

We need to become more attuned to the Democratic lies, sleight of hand, and censorship.

Pass the word and don’t assume your buddies or families are aware of the facts and consequences of this upcoming election.

Otherwise WE are the ones who will contribute to the end of democracy.




They’re afraid of the end of democracy because it would be the end of mob rule. We’re a Republic and for good reason. Our Government was bastardized when we went to electing Senators. That was never meant to be. It reinforced “democracy” and now the mob rule of the senate in many cases mirrors the house. The house was originally set up to be the only branch that was democratically elected. The senators were appointed and the presidency decided by the Electoral College. The only reason the border is wide open is to end our Republic and make this country a democracy, ushering in mob rule, and ending what was once a great country.


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