Locked Doors, Baby Gates - One slip up and it's a catastrophe

Terrible terrible terrible. Sounds like they were doing everything they should, but wait, Loaded condition zero and not carried on body? Seems to be the same scenario every time.


Can’t imagine a much worse tragedy. Maybe the only good thing is the kid is hopefully too young to clearly remember the incident when they get older. The kid is guiltless in this scenario but how messed up would it be to learn that you were involved in the death of your own mother?

I only have one kid but in my limited experience he has always been able to get into all sorts of things you would think he wasn’t able to get into. Unlocked guns and young untrained kids do not mix.


I was just thinking about this yesterday. To me when an adult wants to shoot or kill an innocent someone it is because they want to die. What does it mean for a child?

An instruction manual used to say “kids are naturally attracted to guns”. Same is true about a clockwork, it is a complex and beautiful toy for a toddler, they cannot grasp the concept of consequences or resist the temptation of playing with it.


This is a tragedy but also agree it is accidental. I pray for the husband for the lord to give him strength to deal with this tragedy. Kids can get into anything and sometimes it takes something like this for people to become more vigilant in keeping their firearms safely stored.