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Mayor Adams says parents might have to volunteer to protect schools after new safety agents cut (msn.com)

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:laughing: I thought I was going to pee my pants and almost fell off my chair. :laughing:

Mayor Adams says parents might have to volunteer to protect schools after new safety agents cut

Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday that parents might have to step up and volunteer to help keep Big Apple schools safe after hundreds of newly trained safety agents were cut as the cost of the migrant crisis continues to cripple the city.

Were going to be leaning into parents and parent groups to do some volunteerism, Hizzoner said when asked about the new class of 250 school safety agents that were recently axed amid the citys budget woes.

Were going to get to our crisis management team, he continued during a weekly City Hall press conference. We are going to be straining at a very high level to get this done correctly.

His remarks came a day after Staten Island elected officials railed against the administration over the safety agent cuts arguing that the massive spending on the migrant crisis was now undermining services to the citys citizenry.

Hizzoner had already warned earlier this year that all city agencies might have to slash 15% from their budgets in response to the ever-growing costs of the migrant crisis, which he estimated will set the city back $12 billion over three fiscal years. :rofl:


I think he tried to do that. Nice going on having good balance and a strong bladder.


Its NYC, what are the parents going to be armed with? A rolled up NYT newspaper? :rofl:


Bad Dog.

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We are successful, unlike other municipalities, where theyre having shootings on school grounds in some cases of mass shootings, Adams said during his briefing.
We have not had one shooting inside our school because of the working school safety agents and New York City Police Department.

Did he just jinx the NY schools. :man_facepalming:
You talk about bad things


So I guess they dont need GFZ signs anymore. :+1:


Karma is a wonderful thing, live by the sanctuary city status, die by the sanctuary city status. Of course, the first thing they cut is public safety. I wish liberals were forced to watch videos of their idiocy. :laughing:


Thats what happens when you were a face diaper


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Ill gladly volunteer for my sons school if they let me be properly armed. Id even pay for my own training if I had to. But I am 100% sure you couldnt pay me anywhere near enough to be a safety officer in NYC let alone do it for free.


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Pull up a log by the Sanctuary city FIRE and sit a spell.
This is going to get interesting.

Adams gives a whole new meaning of driving a city bus till the
wheels fall off! "You cant have ANY guns!..(next week) We need
you parents to protect your children! (w/what?, spit wads!)

WtphuckinF! ! These people are all ducked up! Kwack!


Rather than spend all that money on illegal immigrants, send them back to Mexico (I dont care what country they were from originally, they crossed the US-Mexican border), and dont let them back in.


This is the problem with liberal, woke, and entitled democrats. They change and changes things for feeling and "look at me, look what Im doing, look Im helping you"politics. This always ends in a demand that we the people arent doing enough. They are the ones that phucked it all up while feeling good. Im tired.


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So just to get this straight in my head As a sanctuary state and/or city illegal aliens have priority over legal lawful(maybe) children born in this country. And parents who are not permitted to defend themselves or family are expected provide security to schools. What could possibly go wrong SMDH


Im so glad I live in Georgia


Serves them right - Adams and crew are about the biggest hypocrites on the planet !!! And Im sure they wont man up and admit how wrong they are LMFAO


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