List of Resources (Purchase, Support, 2A, ...)

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I thought it might be handy to start a sticky thread with some links useful for gun buyers, new or old!

DISCLAIMER: This list was compiled by the collective mind of the USCCA community, but no link is endorsed, guaranteed, nor billed to be on this list by the USCCA nor any of its staff, employees, nor members. This list is provided with no guarantee by the USCCA for any reason.



  • - eBay-ish style auction site for guns (and ammo and accessories). All must be legally shipped to and transferred via a FFL (or if you find a local seller, many do local pickup)!
  • - craigslist-style connection site for guns (and ammo and accessories). All must be legally transferred via a FFL. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST PRIVATE SALE WHEN SELLING, UNLESS ADEQUATE BILL OF SALE PAPERWORK IS COMPLETED, IF PRIVATE SALE IS EVEN LEGAL IN YOUR JURISDICTION! Some sellers WILL ship, similar to, FFL receiver and transfer is required.
  • - “best price” comparison shopper for ammunition - aggregates several gun sites to find best deals

Legal Protection

Reciprocity/Legal Information by state


2A Groups (National)

  • - National Rifle Association, probably the largest organization created to defend our nation’s 2nd amendment rights as well as some other unrelated political issues.
  • - Gun Owners of America, offers news, membership, and legislative action as it pertains to the 2nd Amendment. (has state chapters as well)
  • - Second Amendment Foundation, another national 2A organization

Sporting Groups

Large Online Retailers

Regional, State, and Local Organizations

Trying to avoid things like Youtube channels and manufacturer web sites, but include things like formal web sites whether for purchases or for reviews… For the purposes of keeping the list easy to read, and not 100,000 links long.

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I don’t know if the forum software (Discourse) allows for sticky’ing threads?

@iamteeg here’s a few more links if you want to add them to your original post…

Second Amendment Foundation is another national Pro-2A group

You may want to make another section for state groups. Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) is the Virginia 2A group

For places to firearms purchase online…

For ammunition online… (there are a couple threads floating around with more, I’m too lazy to look)


It does. I know @Dawn has a magic wand of some kind that can do that.


Michigan local groups: Michigan Open Carry, Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners, Great Lakes Gun Rights

Other online retailers:

Useful YouTube channels:
Active Self Protection
Demolition Ranch (mostly for fun but he does check out some cool stuff)
Colion Noir (been awfully political lately, but he does have a lot of older stuff that’s informative)

I will come back to this later when I have more time to concentrate on it.


trying to avoid youtube’s on this one. Don’t want to overload, there’s probably hundreds of great youtube channels… all basically saying the same things.
Also, would like to avoid manufacturer-only web sites like S&W/Colt/Glock, including holster sites like alien gear, foxx holsters, crossbreed, …

This is in an effort to keep the list easy to browse and not get it up to 10,000 links overnight :smiley:

please link to the groups you mentioned if you’d like them included.



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