Lever action upgrade with Chisel Machining

I updated my Henry Steel-357 furniture. And became an abomination by removing the old school look and feel, no more wood handguard and Stock. I ended up with a rifle that can serve as my home defense and is easy for my wife to use. It shoots incredible, and I love the new school look.


The modern, “The Rifle Man”. Looks pretty Kool! :+1:


My wife and I had a house in Kansas City that was built in the 1920s. We wanted to change the black and pink tile set in concrete in the upstairs bathroom. We hired a designer/architect to do so, and discovered it required loads more plumbing and construction work than we expected. The advice we got from the designer was “At some point, you should stop fighting with the house and trying to turn it into something it is not and will never be.” That lesson applies to a lot of things in life.