Let me know if you can see this image please

Politicians are not scientists the facts don’t really matter that much. It is about convincing you to support and vote for them.


Got it.


Welcome to the community @Paul294

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Yes, I can see the page-long NON ANSWER to your obvious request for him to get off his fat arse and vote no on that stupid, anti-American, anti-gun crap.

Yep I can see it. I write my Cong Ted Budd almost daily. As well as a few who are not my Reps

Welcome aboard and God bless you.

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IMHO these politicians do NOT even read our letters… they have staff to take care of that…

maybe staff makes a list of the number of replies and types…

but I have very serious doubts any politician actually reads our letters…

I still send em… numbers may add up and give a more positive result???


I am aware of that but the first person that responded to me several years ago seemed to be from Feinstein. She sympathized with my incident but it could have been one of her assistants. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I just fill out the necessary information in those templates that USCCA provides and the rest is automatic. We are winning in other states like Texas, and I thought that even small victories would take a long time. It’s hard to see the glass half full where I live but everything starts with small steps.