Legal question for CCP from NJ

I know this is a long shot, but here it goes.

I am a freelance wildlife technician operating as a sole-proprietor for my business. Part of my duties can sometimes require me to go deep into the woods at times with potentially dangerous animals, or confront poachers on private lands for the landowners I contract with. In order to provide those services without being defenseless I apply to jobs with my resume showing I have a non-resident CWP. Many states require you to be a resident of the state which you hold your CWP in order to be recognized as legally carrying. This is a problem for me because my home state (tax residence) is NJ which as we all know sucks for the second amendment. Last time I went to apply, when I was 21 and before I was operating as a wildlife technician, I was told by the lieutenant not to bother. He said, “if you are not a police officer, a judge, or a politician, you will be wasting your money” [some paraphrasing].

NJ is a may issue state which gives them discretion for granting permits. They are currently being sued by the NJ2AS for their constant denials of applications for people who meet those criteria they set for being granted a CWP, and furthermore for denying anyone who should otherwise be granted a permit based on a clean criminal record and no mental health issues.

My question is… given the fact that by not having a resident permit precludes me from working safely, or even being able to accept jobs in certain states period, should they deny me on my application stating “I do not show a justifying need”, would that be a strong case to present to the courts to sue the state?


It depends on your appetite for tilting at windmills. Personally, I would gather up all of the documentation that I could proving your need for CC as a part of your livelihood and find out who the initial investigator is for CC permits and try to set up an appointment with them, explain why you need it, and then basically follow your permit up the line and meet with the next level until you reach the end. YMMV.

I wouldn’t start an adversarial relationship with the state until I had exhausted all other avenues.


I have to agree. NJ has a long standing history of violating 2A and their AG also has decided that active and retired LEOs cannot carry hollow point rounds even though the 18 USC 926b and 926c specifically allow any ammo that is not barred under federal law.
Try to work within the system first. You will have to do this regardless because you need to be denied before you claim a violation.


Thank you both for the sound advice. I will do that as soon as I can return home.


Probably not the answer you’re looking for but I would start thinking of moving if at all possible.


Would if I could reasonably do so. Might be able to in a few years thankfully.

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