Leaving the community

I am sorry to day this but, I am leaving the community. I have been a shooter since I was 12 years old (I am over 60 now). I was taught responsibility as well as the liabilities in shooting from a military father/firearms instructor and then from the military myself when I enlisted. I have taken at least one major class every year since then and even played an integral part in states that I have lived in (11 of them) in getting concealed carry permits in at least 3 of those states. I see a very disturbing downward trend these days. Making light of being a responsible shooting or just abandoning the very things that define it in the first place and thinking their actions are okay and acceptable. Having spent 17 years as a part of a trauma operating team, I have seen first hand what irresponsibility causes; to include death. On top of that, this is supposed to be a place where opinions can be voiced. When a person voices an opinion, especially a valid one, and the community calls that person out as “bullying”, it is time for me to leave. When this group started, I was one of the asked in the very beginning to join so I am not just some “newby” here. Sine this is the direction many in the group want to change it to, I want no part. If you don’t like it or my opinion, tough. I will no longer be a part of it. I do NOT take shooting as a joke in any form. Sorry Dawn, I know you have the right intentions and I think that you do a tremendous job. You have my respect. I have been insured by USCCA for several years and always appreciated the valuable service, training and brother/sisterhood it provides. But when things start going against the truest spirit and principles of 2A, it is no longer for me. .


@PGRSteve, I am so sorry to hear that is how things appear to be going. That is definitely not our intent.

I would love to hear more from you so that I can ensure we never lose our focus on the Second Amendment and all that it means.

I know we do have some lighthearted as well as some spirited conversations on a variety of firearms topics and some off peripheral conversations as well.

Please let me know how else I can be of assistance. You’ve been a great part of the Community and I would love to have you stay.


@PGRSteve I agree with @Dawn. You can and have educated people on the forum and we would hate to lose you.


I’ve only been shooting for about 3 years and a member of the USCCA for about half of that. My time here in the Community is even shorter, at maybe one year. In that time I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” a variety of posters. Some make me wonder why they bother; others teach me and impress me with their professionalism, their intelligence, and their ability to think and express themselves clearly. This is the first post of yours that I’ve read, @PGRSteve. Having read it, I am sure that you will be missed.


@PGRSteve Stay safe out there. Bruce and Nancy. :wink:


I agree with some of what you are saying-- I was one of those labeled as a bully and cop-hater.

Your leaving does not help-- we lose an experienced voice of reason and experience… Please stay and share your wealth of knowledge- perhaps it will help those irresponsible “sounding” folks among us.

Stay and make it better. We need voices like yours Steve