Larry Elder for Governor of California

Well there is Hope here in California! Larry Elder is running for Governor, if we can get Newsome voted out on the recall. We need Truth back in our Society. Enough with all the propaganda and political agendas! Larry will be great for our 2A community. USCCA members; especially from California Vote to Recall Newsome and let’s put Larry Elder in!


I totally agree with you, but he is going to have an uphill battle. MSM will have all their scurvy minions attacking him. The garbage media, that people call social, will be after him since he tends to cut through the b.s. and expose what is being attempted. Good luck.


He has my vote if he’s on the ballot on recall Election Day!


I’m mailing my ballot from Virginia !!! With as many California tags as I have seen lately I have a vested interest in that state to keep their folks on the left coast. Seems like I should also be allowed to vote in New York, New Jersey, Texas and Connecticut too.




“Conservative radio host Larry Elder tweeted Monday that he will sue California Secretary of State Shirley Weber over his exclusion from the list of approved candidates over his alleged failure to provide income tax returns — which he says he did.”

Rules for thee, but not for me

Elder is obviously seen as a threat. The disqualifying move is just the first of many hurdles they will put in his way. The voters will never have an opportunity to decide.

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