Killing the 2nd slowly?

I just happened to open my web browser a few minutes ago, and the first news article I saw was about citizens open carrying all sorts of firearms into a Raleigh subway restaurant. It caused subway to change it’s nationwide policy on firearms…no more OC. While I am a supporter of OC, I think that there is a point in which you do more harm than good. At what point should we as 2A supporters realize the difference between OC and ridiculousness? Why do some not see that they are helping politicians cut down the second amendment? Just my opinion, but I would like to think I am not the only one that sees these actions counterproductive? Attached is a picture of a type of firearm someone brought in. What do y’all think?


I understand wanting to normalize OC, but this is causing needless trouble. I say go ahead and carry on the street, but going into restaurants in armed groups makes a big panic.

Carrying something totally ridiculous in size certainly gets attention, but it also makes us look crazy. I want to present carrying as a reasonable thing to do.

Out in CA, I’m open carrying my knife and pepper spray, since that’s all I can legally do. I’d prefer a katana, which is also legal, and I’m trained in that. But people aren’t ready for that. Normalization happens gradually. And some things likely will never normalize.


I agree. IMO, you make the people against guns more determined to shut you down, and people that are on the fence think all gun owners are crazy. Definitely seems like a step in the wrong direction.


Yes I believe it is a little too much IMHO but they are exercising the 2A right. As for myself I would not open carry that into any establishment. I’m just saying.


Personally, I would tend to agree with you. We want people to see gun owners are responsibly armed… this doesn’t give that appearance IMO.


I could understand sitting on your porch armed, I grew up in a rural area where farmers sat under a shade tree with a rifle or shotgun next to them. Walking around in a city with a rifle on your shoulder draws too much unwanted attention. Gives the anti gun crowd more ammunition. Pun intended.


What is that on the striped shirt guy, a rocket launcher?? Seems excessive… :thinking:

What prompted this bold demonstration of stern 2A’ers at Subway??


I believe it was in protest of social restrictions implemented by the governor. If I’m correct, that’s an AT4 rocket launcher.


I’m sure it’s inert.


Sadly, I think for both sides, its who ever signs their checks.

People can’t agree on fundamental rights no-more. I don’t agree with abortion but do swear by it being a right.


I doubt very much if a real 2nd amendment person was carrying these firearms as open carry for the day to show their support of the 2nd amendment.

I really thought when I saw these photos that they were a photo op. They are a setup for a joke, or for a scare tactic by an anti-gun person or group.