Kids, Guns, and Alcohol…

What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve been meaning to share this with you all for some time now. Today’s “prank gone wrong” topic jogged my brain.

I went camping a while ago, and found myself with some drunk campsite neighbors. Lots of reasons to dislike the jerk next door, not the least of which was his loud bragging about how he’s pulling 90% disability payments through the VA even though he’s not actually disabled…but I digress.

Here’s the thing that really bothered me. Going to sleep smashed, he and his friends neglected to secure their camp, and the javelinas got into their trash overnight, and made a huge mess. The next morning, the camp was quiet. One of the two cars parked there the night before was gone, and I assumed they had gone off on an early hike or something. So I took a moment to capture the scene.

Here’s what I found — note the spots circled in red:

Looking closer, I saw this, apparently a semi-auto pistol, casually tucked into a cowboy boot:

Wait. It gets worse. Maybe an hour later I realized that two adults were still asleep in the tent after their late night drinking. But their two kids, maybe 7 & 9 years old, were up.

We’ve seen too many tragedies with unsecured firearms and children, and especially adding alcohol to the mix… well this really pissed me off, so I informed the camp host who supposedly contacted park police. I don’t know what if anything happened, because I left to continue my trip.

As I look closer at the second photo here, particularly the bottom of the grip, I wonder if the pistol is a BB or Airsoft gun. If so, maybe I overreacted, though it’s not like “toy guns” haven’t led to fatalities as we all know.


I think you did the best you could with what you knew at the time. It is better to be safe than sorry if it is a real gun. Someone could loose an eye with one of those things.:wink: Live and learn it’s not worth beating yourself up over.
We all need to be responsible for gun safety, I would say good looking out.


Next time complain about litter and let the authorities discover the real problems.

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None of your business. Did it affect you directly?

Mind your own bobber!

Is the question really “did it” or “might it?”

You see an unsecured gun in a public park, parents are out cold after a night of drinking, and two young, unattended children playing nearby.

When does it become your business? After one of them picks up the gun, pulls the trigger, killing the other, or someone else nearby?

Is that what you want to live with?


Just another “fun” day of outdoor recreation.
America on the rocks. :unamused:

However it did or might have turned out, I’m glad you observed and took note
and followed a responsible course of action. :+1:

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this. When does “not my problem” become my problem?
I don’t have a good answer.


You do raise a good point.


Or when does not my problem become a problem for another innocent bystander that you might have been able to prevent?

I’m generally a live and let live kinda person but I don’t like letting behavior that is likely to eventually create a danger to others slide.


World is full of should’ve, would’ve, could’ve. Like quade5 I’ve got no answer. Just watch & wait…

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I think you should have suggested the young feller post his bragging on facebook,instagram,twitter,etc & maybe a gov’t website., but that’s just me.