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Maintaining security of your firearms is likely the most important aspect of firearms ownership. Having a firearm fall into the wrong hands — any wrong hands — can result in tragic and life-altering events. While you likely get into a good routine at home in terms of secure storage, it is somewhat harder when you’re traveling since you’re operating outside of your normal security and defensive measures. This is especially true when camping.

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I travel/camp armed. I also have two very active, curious young boys, 4 & 1. So, I have a big liberty in my bedroom at home and have a small liberty that I travel with. Its flat and thin, doesnt take up much room, and helps me keep it secure. The only time it is off my body is at night sleeping. In a tent, its easy enough to lay on the tent floor or a bag and the boys cant get it. If I am in a hotel room, same thing, sits on the nightstand easy enough.

This changes when I dont have the kids with me, such as if I am out on a hunting trip. The gun is on a bag or nightstand next to me. My big thing is keeping it safe from the kids until they are a little older and more mature.


I do some different things when my kids are around, but they’re not USCCA approved. I can accept certain kinds of risk, but not when my kids are involved.

Thanks! I literally just got back from camping, I have two young boys 8 and 11 not knowing how to best secure my hand gun at night I kept it in my vertx EDC bag next to my bed, wanting to be more secure next time I purchased a TSA lock but then this limits my accessibility/access , then I read this article I have a quick access liberty safe next to my night stand at home I think I’ll just buy another and bolt it down next to my bed on my trailer hidden and secure

Depends on the kind of camp and who I’m with.