Family Dinner at Your House: Kids and Firearms

The entire family is coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner. You’re rushing to get the house clean, the meal prepped, and the decorations up.

Are you also securing all of the firearms in your home any differently than you normally would, especially if there will be young children present?

If your family does not have young children, do you put all of your firearms in your safe so that no one else has access, or does your family know where your firearms are?


No different. Other than the firearm on my side, the rest are locked up. Only my wife and I know the code to the quick safe. The gun cabinet is locked via key. That key, is on the key ring in my pocket.


No difference at my house. No kids below 21. And no grand kids yet. Nothing to be worry about. Family members know where firearms are located.


I will carry just my home defense pistol on my hip and safeguard all the others in my safe. No big changes. All children gone.


No kids here, but family comes over that does have some. Normal protocol is everything locked up except what I have on me, and my wife has on her. Areas of the house where I do not want kids to go (or wandering adults), are locked. Basically you can eat, be in the living room, or have your choice of two bathrooms.

Some background… three of the grown kids are autistic, the one girlfriend is too, and her child is six and likes to snoop, open drawers, etc… Yeah, I know, another conversation for another day. I am slowly getting him trained.


Everything is locked at all times. Hobby to has coded lock. Very confident in the securement of tools. Sweep will be done prior to guest arrival. Personal tools are in direct use at all times. Lock them up if there is even a chance of curious fingers.


Right now only have the one firearm. It will be on me until bed. Then I have a hidden pistol box with RFID lock. My wife hasxa key and so do I.

I have a 10 year old and a 20 year old at home.

If we go to the in laws will be a lot more people. I won’t be able to CC there (no reciprocity) so it will probably be locked in mini safe in the car.


Accept for my EDC which will be on me, everything else will be locked as usual.


No special prep in regard to firearm safety and storage.
Only gun outside of cabinet is my EDC which I always have in my person.


The only guns that I have are all in my safed and/or on me. If you brought your own, your name is Bxxxx and you are welcome to carry in my home.

The people who need to know, know I carry. Everywhere

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No different. I have a 2 and a 4 year old boy. Hence our house is always ready for company of any kind.

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