Kevlar Laptop Bag anyone?

I’m an IT guy. My laptop bag is getting pretty worn out.

I’m starting to consider replacements, or possibly finding a company to refurbish mine with a new zipper and strap, and I had an idea.

What if the new one, instead of being made of Nylon or whatever it is, was made of Kevlar.

Same cut/design/style. I’m NOT looking for something tacti-cool with gear loops and a crusher skull. But just kevlar in place of nylon. And no, it can not say “kevlar” all over it.

Is there a company that sells that? Recommendations?

I also know there are armor plates you can buy and carry in any backpack/laptop bag, so I don’t need recommendations on those. I have my laptop bag with me just about always, and I’ve brought it through customs/security, who’ve wanted to look in it at least a couple times. So I don’t want an ‘extra thing’ inside it to start a conversation.

I’m also not looking for off-body carry. I need a laptop bag. 15" laptop, a few batteries, cables, multiple pockets are nice, a good big pocket for full size letter papers is nice too. Not a fan of leather. Lighter the better (lol)

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I have seen some laptop bags and briefcases advertised as bullet proof. Haven’t really looked into them but suspect they most likely use either soft padded Kevlar style inserts or hard plate inserts depending on whether they are pistol or rifle rated.

I’m pretty sure a bag made from some layers of Kevlar would not stop a bullet. But maybe there is a maker who has a sewn in pad that doesn’t look like an obvious slip in bullet proof option. But they are going to be noticeably heavier than a standard padded case.

Something like the link below might work in a standard laptop bag or briefcase. If you took the little tag off it might just look like extra padded protection for the laptop.

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Tactical Laptop Bag - Agilite Laptop Carrier (

it doesnt come with the ballistic protection, but its partitioned for armor from 3a up to NIJS level 4 sapi plates and has partitions for your CC pistol and mags in the event you actually need to use it for its intended purposes. they are also on a pretty good sale right now with discounted 3a soft panels from premier if you purchase them with the bag

just to be upfront, i am an agilite product tester and all of their gear is top notch that ive had hands on with, so have no fear on that side


Most kevlar or similar material used in bullet resistant (not proof) body armor or bag armor has a 5 year guarantee life. Steel plates on the other hand do not. I think that is a specification that should be considered whenever purchasing any kind of body armor. If you live in CA, I would suggest that you hurry in your acquisition as there is pending legislation to outlaw body armor except for certain select categories of special people. I think is certain to pass. The CA legislature is determined to pass every cockamamy bill they can dream up. No amendment 2.5 to protect citizens’ owning body armor although I am sure our Founding Fathers would have looked with approval on such for Joe Citizen. They had a think about “special” people. One used to be abel to walk into the White House and see the President without an appointment and several presidents had regular public sessions where they talked to common folk. (I can see that happening today where the Prez only talks to highly screened friendly folks. Nobody from any other party.)

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Friends dont let friends use steel body armor. I have regular old 55g 223 handloads that will swisscheese the vast majority of marketed ar500 3+ body armor. And this is all before we take spawl into account. You want to catch the rounds. Not splatter them and turn them into highvelocity schrapnel to the underside of your jaw and top of your groin…


That is an utterly ridiculous way to handle things, but what would you expect?
Again, the criminals would have it whether illegal or not, so lets make things riskier for the average citizen.


As far as a kevlar laptop bag goes, I feel something with panels would be alot more effective. Kevlar in and of itself would not help much against bullets, yet maintain the flexibility required for a backpack.

I did spend some $$$ on a product called “the Bodyguard”, which is a backpack that has two plates, one that gets pulled over your head to cover your chest if in an emergency.
It is ok but would not recommend spending the $$$ on one. I will say the backpack pockets are quite spacious and I can carry more than I used to in my old backpack.