Kel-Tec Sub-2000

Can ANYBODY tell me the lop adjustments for this gun? I was looking at this for .40 or .45, but it seems to be a deep, dark mystery on their damned website. It looks like there are at least 3 stops to use.


To determine your LOP, mount the gun then measure the distance between your nose and the knuckle of your thumb. It should be about two finger-widths or 1-1½ inches. A stock should be short enough that you can mount the gun without snagging it on your vest, but long enough that you don’t have to pull it a long way back into your shoulder, which can pull the muzzle off target.

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There are only 3 holes to adjust you LOP on the Sub2K and it is the same on all the different calibers.

On the top rear portion of the stock there is a slot with a plug in it. Plug is incorporated with the latch that keeps the weapon folded. To adjust, you will need to hold a finger over that plug and push the pin out. DO NOT LET GO OF THE PLUG!! It holds tension on your recoil spring, bolt carrier group, charging handle… Adjust your stock to one of the three holes provided and push the pin back in.

I have mine adjust to the longest it will go and it is still, technically, too short, but I manage.

If you have any other questions about this fun little carbine, please ask. I cannot call myself an expert, but I have been deeply intimate with all the internal workings of mine through the years as I have done ALL the MCARBO upgrades available.

Hollar back.


I recently installed the recoil pad. Got an additional 1" LOP. Helped.


“I recently installed the recoil pad…”

When I first shot mine I was surprised at the amount of felt recoil this thing has. I have a 9mm version and after my first round of shots trying to learn the OE sights (which are, IMO, less useful than a pile of dog poo) I had a bruise. Smallish, yes. But a freaking bruise.

Would never have thought that with a 9mm.


For my Kel Tec 15 12ga. I put a muzzle break and a butt stock pad to tame it down some.


Do you mean KSG?


I barely feel my S&W FPC 9mm.
Well, occasionally the charging handle may brush my lip, but recoil wise it is soft as butter.


Nope I meant my 15 round Kel Tec Shotgun.:rofl:

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WTH Brother I have been trying to get ahold of you. I tried to DM you but it said you were not receiving :thinking:?

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Also a fun little carbine to shoot and softer recoil than the Sub2K.

Keltec got so many things right with this one and missed the mark on others.


I like my Keltec KSG, in theory. I really wish I had not bought it. It’s unusable if you use onboard ammo, you are not going to get a reload in any SD situation.The pump reload is not reliable. You can pump 1-15 times and at some point it’s going to have a FTF (failure to feed) at some point. So it’s gone to my gimmicky but fun collection. I wouldn’t ever count on it for self defense, even though atheistically and ergonomically it checks the box for SD. Which is why I bought it. Bull pup✔️, extra capacity✔️, reliable✖️ big no. I can run it clean and not change anything from 1 pump to the next and it will just drop a round no rhyme or reason to it. Also have no desire to debate it with another KSG owner who thinks it’s the tits and best thing ever. Ive owned mine for years and hundreds of rounds through it. Even had gunsmith (certified by Keltec) look at it. It just drops random rounds.

I hate random issues with no rhyme or reason.

I have one Keltec firearm that occasionally FTEs with lighter weight bullets if I don’t have it 100% firmly pulled back into my shoulder. So it only makes it from the fun gun list to the PPE list with heavy weight bullets in the magazine.

I am right there with you on that, Brother, and I have heard all those horror stories about the KSG AND all the good stories. I do not own one nor have I ever fired one. My Remy 870 is my go-to HD shotty. Sure the 15 round capacity means you can sling a lot of lead down range in a very short amount of time, provided you do not any failures. That does, of course, include every weapon on the market. None are 100% reliable all the time, not even my Beretta. I have heard the newer version KS7 is more reliable.

Getting back to the Sub2K, I do like it overall, but there are a couple things I do not like about it. First thing is the fact you need to really get your cheek down on the “buffer” tube (it is actually considered the receiver because it houses all the moving parts) in order to see the substandard polymer OE sights. Having your cheek down so hard on the tube transmits a goodly amount of the recoil directly into your head. Several companies do have sleeves you can put over the tube to cushion the impact. I do not have one on mine.

Next thing I don’t like is the afore mentioned substandard polymer OE sights. I do not have a problem with polymer sights for the most part, but the OE sights on the Sub2K leave a lot to be desired. They are easy enough to adjust, but I found I had to re-adjust every time I got to the range. I took the OE sights off and installed a red-dot on a high-rise QD mount and a set of 45 degree flip up sights on the right side. Having the high-rise mount also eliminated the need to get down so hard on the buffer tube. I stow the red-dot on the lower rail when the weapon is folded and I can quickly re-mount it on top when I need it. I have not had to re-adjust the red-dot since I installed it 3 years ago. I have a green dot laser permanently mounted on the lower rail.

The LOP on the weapon is a little short as it only has three settings with no option (currently) to extend it. I have mine adjusted to the longest setting and I manage.

The OE trigger group was sloppy like a $2 hooker and very hard to pull (7 stinking pounds!!) I bought the internals, aluminum trigger guard and straight aluminum trigger from MCARBO and changed it all out myself. About 90% of the slack was removed and the pull dropped to a little over 4 pounds. Much crisper feel to it.

Things I like about mine: I have never had any malfunctions related to the weapon itself. I have put several thousand rounds through it and have had no FTE, FTF because of the weapon. I did get into a batch of bad ammo once and had problems of every sort. Just a bad batch of ammo. I put a couple magazines worth through my Beretta and had the same issues, and my Beretta will shoot ANYTHING. Almost.

Another thing I like about my Sub2K is the fact it takes the same magazines my Beretta does. The magazine catch assembly can be changed out to fit a wide range of magazines from Beretta (of course), Glocks, S&W, Sig, etc…When I opened the box, there was a list of about 40 different choices, with part numbers, I could order directly from The Mother Ship if I wanted to change magazines. The most common is Glock.

Then there is the fact it folds up. I normally keep it in a normal looking backpack in the Expedition. It is a larger backpack, but nothing on the outside screams “I HAVE A GUN IN MY BAG”. I also keep four 30 round magazines in the same bag along with a bunch of other useful items.

In a nutshell, there are things to like and dislike about every weapon on the market. Some weapons we really like, some we really don’t like and other that are give or take.


I’m thinking about getting a TS-12, but I’m waiting until I can get hands on with one, before I make a decision. I still want a semi auto 12 ga. But I may just go ahead and get the Benelli 104. Combat tested, and Marine approved.

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