Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Gen 2


Thoughts on (Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Gen 2, Semi-Automatic, 9mm, 16.25" Barrel)?
If you have one please share your opinion (Pros and cons).

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I am not much of a kel-tec fan. I kind like the RDB. I’ve always thought that was a good platform, but its not in 9mm. Kel-tec does offer a lifetime warranty so if you dont like it, at least it covered if you have any issues.


I was playing around with one this weekend @Jesse and really enjoyed it. For the right price, it’s a great little gun to use for either home or as a trunk gun. Obviously not as polished or capable as some AR style guns out there, but its a very solid gun. Been thinking about buying one myself.


I felt the same except, I didn’t like the sights and how close my chin have to be to see the the target.
Basically, I couldn’t wear ear protection it was interfering with the gun, the sights are too low and I don’t know if we can change them.
Other than that it looks like fun for outdoor.

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I have seen someone use a red dot like this successfully on the KelTec. Kinda fixes the sight issues and still works with the folding capability.


It’s funny, I was looking at the same thing myself.


Great minds think alike apparently.


I ended up with with the CZ Evo Scorpion carbine with e Vortex Spitfire 3x on it

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You basically ended with a hot babe.
That’s a fine one @BJP.



The end of April is when I purchased the CZ - told my wife since we are moving I want to purchase it now before we legally move since my current state was no NICS check as long as you have a new enough CC permit.

Last Friday was the first day I went to the range with her. Previously she was only bore sighted. 15 shots latter I am pretty happy with her at 50 yards - the last three shots were all within the center circle. Then I had to leave because my wife wanted to make dinner yet that night :confused:

I did forget to bring my spotting scope so it was a lot of trips down to the range to keep checking every 3 shots. I was lucky since I was the only person at the 50 yard for most of that time and the one other guy was fine with me making the line safe every three shots and waiting for him to finish his current magazine.

I really wanted the 9mm carbine because of the stash of 9mm I have (I keep about 10,000 rounds of 9mm range ammo around and 500 rounds of self defense). Previously I did shot the Ruger PC9 at Shooters Roundup.

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This one has been on my list forever, but no one ever stocks the configuration I want with Beretta mag well. The Glock ones are everywhere cheap.

I have an Evo pistol and a brace. It is fun, but I wish I bought the carbine instead. The brace is a bit too short for my long arms.


I was looking for Beretta myself too. In my case I found a couple but changed my mind about it, sights way too low.
I was checking the Evo carbine today, impressive!


i absolutely love my G2 sub 2000…i have the G19 version… fun to shoot, very accurate right out of the box

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How is reliability? My CMR has been jamming since I bought it without a solution from Kel-Tec.