Kayla Giles and USCCA explanation


I can’t believe that people are even still talking about this idiocy and this lawyer is a paid hack. And by the way, about a third of the way into this idiot’s YouTube video he offers this, the SPONSOR for todays video is:

A direct competitor of the USCCA.

Kayla murdered her husband (and was CONVICTED of this) and the tried to use her benefit at the USCCA, which she became a member off as part of her murder plan, to save her ass legally. That’s like getting a new homeowner’s insurance policy, then burning down your house on purpose, and then putting a claim against your insurance to have them pay for a re-build. It’s illegal to do so!!! You go to jail just for doing that!!!

Actually more than anything else this goes against the credibility of the competitor that they are still trying to dupe people with this nonsense because that is ALL they have, a lie.

This is NOT an “explanation”, it’s an infomercial for a rip-off product.


Some people keep bringing it up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I didn’t think you were. Sorry if I came out strong but I’m so sick of Kayla being dragged out every time some legal hack wants to run clickbait for the competition. They count on the fact that very few will hang in long enough to figure out who’s paying them.

This is on case where the system absolutely worked as it should. She really thought she bought murder insurance but the legal system and the insurance provider screwed up her murder plan. Yay for the system.

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That’s just Twisted Brother BRUCE…
(I like that!)

No offense to any of the upstanding. righteous Lawyers on here, but generally lawyers suck!
This vermin is a prime example of a self serving, conceded POS’s that try to make a buck by tainting somebody else. they can’t make it on their own merits, they have to try and dismantle the competition.
Like anything else you have to use your own discernment and choose (to the best of your ability) what works for YOU!. When I took the CCNM course it was ‘hosted’ by Law Shield’ (I already was with USCCA)
These people were nasty explaining the differences between each group…you don’t have to be nasty trying to get new clients/members. That just turned me off straight away and I unwittingly became a VOICE for USCCA by telling the ‘class’ that!. It’s Cheese-dik Tactics to dis the competition. If you live and die on your own merits that’s the way the world rewarded you for being a stand-up, straight forward, HONEST Company. Law Shield spent MORE TIME DISSING US than touting what they had to offer…stupid. After I was done the ‘Instructor’ told me ‘If you don’t want to join us then you are free to leave’… I said something like I paid to be here, I earned that spot in this chair and you can just F-off and teach the class what we are supposed to know and end this idiot infomercial! Some never came back for the second day’s class. Some asked me about USCCA afterwards. It’s tactics like this that make me sick to my stomach sometimes and these ‘Lesser’ companies STILL bash US on you-tub!
Generations of idiots are being raised now to get as much as they can by doing as little as possible to earn it. Common sense is gone!. .Gov has inserted itself into every facet of our lives and citizens don’t realize there is a price to pay for all their .gov freebies, weaponized Law enforcement and dismantlement of their RIGHTS and freedoms. Sorry, I took a hard right on Tangent road again!

About this Topic… That’s just stupid, and that’s all I have to say about that!


Please, by all means, tell us how you really feel. :wink::grinning:


Thank you brother I will.


Every time someone starts talking about how bad the USCCA is, it ends up being nothing.


I do know this my Brother.
Thank you Sir for bringing this Topic/Issue forward.
I was NEVER bashing you…EVER. I am just tired of ‘Dirty tactics’.
New members are impressionable and could be swayed by the darkside!

Come and stay with the USCCA…We have cookies! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:Law Shield has Madolains! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


USCCA canceled the coverage as soon as she was charged with obstruction of justice, that alone disqualified her because she was lying to the police.


But isn’t that what the trial is for? If this is true then the USCCA is the one deciding guilt or innocence! This has been my point from the beginning! Which leads to my second question: would they sue to get their money back if you’re innocent but found guilty?

The insurer should cover regardless. I’m not saying to go out and plan to commit a crime but if the insurer thinks they don’t have a case how well will they defend you?


I do not believe that USCCA is going after Kayla Giles for the money sent.

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Light a fire in the middle of your Livingroom and try to collect on your homeowner’s insurance!


But that has nothing to do with the OP topic. Why muddy the water?



I don’t want a beat the dead horse thread. At the same time my pea sized brain says this does not compute. From what I can filter out of this thread and the other one; USCCA appears to be the best answer for legal coverage. I have become cynical in my older years not trusting any but my immediate family and some of them only for 5’ (how far I can toss them).

When it comes to my freedom and trusting insurers: hold out both hands, crap in one and wish in the other. Then see which one fills up the quickest.


OP = Original Poster.

Planning a murder and self defense two different topics.



George Carlin had a bit in his routine where “America’s number one domestically sold product is bulls#it.” And all those singers and bands who’ve covered “Heard it Through the Grapevine” urged us to “Believe half of what you see, son, and none of what you hear.”

Someone is suing the fast food chains right now because the hamburgers and tacos you get don’t look like the hamburgers and tacos in the advertisements.

This is a great country for sowing mistrust and reaping cynicism. Read the fine print.


And how did USCCA conclude she was planning a murder before the trial was over?

I think that’s what people are concerned about. Her original attorney (the one representing her before USCCA yanked the coverage) thought it was a solid self-defense case. At which point does USCCA decide (and how) that a self-defense incident is a non-covered criminal act and they are getting out? What’s the standard?

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People these days are being charged with obstruction of justice for all kind of BS reasons. Do I understand correctly that being charged is enough for USCCA to drop the coverage? If that is really the case then I have a really hard time understanding what I am paying for.

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