Just who is Justin Coker and why is he a hero?

This discussion requires the utmost in accuracy. Although your point remains, it was clearly not a 14 minute response time. It was 14 minutes from the time the girl walked into the school to when she was verified as neutralized.

The response time is calculated from the first 911 call to when the first officer advises Dispatch that they are “on scene”.

Having said that, yes I agree that having a strong security deterrent is a priority. Unfortunately, the Left is going all out to take our rights of “self defense” away. I believe that is where we need to start … by pushing back. I pray that the Marine in New York will be acquitted. But mark my words, if he is, the Left will go crazy like they did with Rittenhouse.

It is a flanking move for our guns.

I am familiar with Mr. Monk. He is excellent.

BTW, an excellent example of “hardening the target” can be found in synagogues all across the USA. They are unquestionably the higher risk targets, but have reduced attacks dramatically.

Both synagogues and churches are employing security personnel, but many of them are delineated by a uniform or hat, etc. Rest assured that in many such places there are at least one “sleeper”.

It is a good lesson for those of us who live in Constitutional open carry states. That’s fine in the wilderness, but we should all be “sleepers” in town.


Yes, the way you described it is what I was actually trying to say. 14 minutes for gunman to go unconfronted by an armed defender is way too long


The “ funny” thing about this is the very people trying to disarm us are the ones who usually end up being defended by us when something like this goes down


But response time for most police departments is from the time the dispatcher notifies a unit and gets an “on my way” response until he arrives on scene and notifies dispatch that he is on scene. It doesn’t count how much time he waits until back up arrives and they actually enter the area of the shooting. For the folks in the killer’s sights, being “On scene” out in your police car waiting for back up doesn’t help one bit. But using those start and stop points makes response time look better than real life. As Mark Twain is reputed to have said, “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”
Right now San Francisco is reporting that major crime is down in that benighted city. Notice the adjective “major”. A gang running into a store where each member “only” steals $500 worth of merchandise is not a major crime. Misdemeanors are not major crimes. But ten or twenty times $500 makes it a major crime for the store even though SF only counts it as ten misdemeanors — no major crime here. And even that is a fallacy. Conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor is a felony in itself in the CA penal code, so the DA who twists his hands and says, “It’s only a misdemeanor. It’s not worth prosecuting,” apparently got an F in criminal law when he was in law school. Proving that the gang did conspire to commit a misdemeanor shop lifting crime shouldn’t be that much of a burden for even the most junior deputy DA even in SF.

Just following orders didn’t hold up in Neurenberg either.


Hello Steven, I was in class199, so I am assuming that yours was 200 or 201. Send me a personal message, so we can talk. Tim Miller

Enough time has passed since the incident in Texas.

Mauricio Gomez was not a white supremacist. I know this unequivocally, I’ve seen the actual pictures of his gang affiliation tattoos. The tattoos are on the web of his right hand between his thumb and his index finger and identify the Mexico City Prison gang he was a part of. Could I be mistaken? I highly doubt it.

I am, quite frankly, astonished at the way this story has been manipulated.