Just for fun: Blackhawk Serpas or Safariland ALS

What do you like Blackhawk serpas or Safariland ALS?

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Not even close. Safariland is better in every regard


Partial to Blackhawk, all their gear is top tier, owned a serpa since introduction.

I added the holster names to the topic title to hopefully get you some additional input, @Zach. Hope you don’t mind!

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Never liked SERPAs, so Safariland ALS would be my choice.


I have run both the Serpa and the Safariland GLS. I find the GLS to be a tad easier. I am not sure I would pick the ALS over the Serpa though, but that is personal as I have a problem with my thumbs.

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@Dawn. I don’t mind at all. thank you .

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ahhh, what what?

I like Blackhawk helicopters, don’t want to go on a safari, and definitely don’t want ALS!


I’m kinda partial to Blackhawk and have taken them down range multiple times with no failures to include mud, sand ect. I met Mike Noelle back in the early 90’s when he was in a 2 door garage, building his stuff on contract for the teams at Little Creak and Dam Neck. I had sewn together my own shooting mat for the rifle team and needed a machine big enough to put the handles through the mat. He hooked me up and even added a Blackhawk, Made in VA Beach, VA tag to the mat. Some time later I helped with the design of the STOMP II Medical Back Pack. So I’m kind of biased but the Serpas are good gear. I didn’t like the Safariland one I tried during training as the push your thumb down (not sure of the model) to get the gun out screwed with my draw (not willing to invest in the re-training)



I have owned several blackhawks/serpa’s, love them.

Safariland doesn’t require you to push a button into the trigger guard. The potential issues that could arise from pushing a button into your trigger guard have made me decide to stay away from the SERPA holster.

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Does anyone have any issues with the Safariland ALS in cold weather (longer times below freezing)? IIRC, some of the reviews stated that the locking component’s arm is problematic in the cold. I was considering a Safariland ALS holster, but was worried since I would probably wear it more often in the winter.

I would imagine any kydex or plastic holster would have issues with cold when pushed to the extreme. My money is on you’d want out of the cold before a quality holster began having issues.

IIRC, the complaints about the cold were related to the long, plastic arm that connects the thumb release to the ejection port on the pistol, and that when subject to below freezing temps for a period of time would not disengage the lock, effectively disabling the holster under winter conditions (firearm locked into holster). I was just wondering if anyone has had that issue in the cold, or if it was just a couple reviewers having an abnormal issue.