Jogging with a firearm

Hello all.

I have been struggling with trying to safely and effectively carry a firearm while jogging. I recently ordered a CanCan Shebang belly band but I am sending it back. My pistol falls out.

Is anyone using something that actually works?

Thank you in advance.


@Claire This one has worked well for me for over a year… walking, jogging, hiking, and even with regular pants and my shirt tucked in. It’s still just a good as the first time I wore it. The price is right and has a 4.5 of 5.0 rating from almost 8,000 buyers. Make sure you watch the video presentation.

ComfortTac XL Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Black | Fits Gun Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, Glock 19, 17, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Sized Guns | for Men and Women


I heard these are good to use with belly band holsters. Haven’t tried myself yet


Let’s discuss it on single thread:


Tagua Gunleather Spandex Womans Holster Tank Top

UnderTech Undercover NEW Executive Women’s Concealment Scoop Neck Shirt 4017

This is suppose to be the best offer for concealment. Makes me think about creating something better myself.

@TexasEskimo Thank you! I will order it, cross your fingers that it arrives quickly.

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Let me know how well it works for you

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I do not like shirts with holsters built in. My training has always been from the waist so that is my carry preference for this purpose and EDC. I’m going to try another belly band, if it doesn’t work I will return it. I saw a post on an all ladies running/hiking while carrying group - the poster uses a belt with an actual holster. That may be another option with some modifications.

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That looks very comfortable! Thanks for sharing