Joe Biden Makes Epic Move on Guns

Joe Biden Makes Epic Move on Guns (

The United States has suspended most civilian firearm exports for 90 days due to national security concerns.

All civilian license applications will be “held without action.”

The U.S. Department of Commerce will limit the issuance of civilian export licenses to assess the risk of firearms being diverted to activities that promote regional instability, violate human rights, or fuel criminal activities.

The ban excludes certain countries with separate export agreements, such as Israel and Ukraine.

“The ban doesn’t cover around 40 countries, including Israel and Ukraine, that have a separate export agreement for firearms,” the report found.

Government clients must specify the intended recipients of firearms, and applications without explicit naming will be returned.

This suspension could impact U.S. firearms companies like Sturm Ruger & Co., Vista Outdoor, and Smith & Wesson Brands.

The recent mass shooting in Maine has sparked calls among Democrats for the national confiscation of guns.


Here we go again…


Yup… :eye_in_speech_bubble: Look. Look . We are doing something. :eye_in_speech_bubble:
:eyes:In reality doing nothing. :eyes:


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I think there’s a couple of factors. First, certain manufacturers were asked not to sell to civilians. The Simunitions and 50cal were the most public examples. There were other larger examples. I think this was because it was found that dangerous cells would use willing citizens through ffl’s to purchase large amounts of ammunitions and general equipment. Training your little terrorist army is important. I think these regulations significantly effected a supply line for these gangs and bad actors. One way around this was to have the stuff shipped to somewhere else and brought back through various channels. This would be more expensive but currency is the one thing these people have seemingly endless amounts of. The southern border is one avenue they could use to get that stuff back over here. There are others as well. The manufacturer would be happy to ship as a way to make up for lost revenue as a result of being restricted in the first place. One thought is they are trying to bankrupt the industry. Another is that they are trying to dry up supply lines for bad actors.


Seems benign but it does go to show just how easy it is for the Government to Squash a right. Laws be damned, I don’t want you to do it so I’ll single handedly stop it.


great plan, keep our enemies from using our firearms against us, you know like Afghanistan


The intent is, as always, merely to disarm the populace assuring control over them. there is no justification, NONE!


Or even better…
The ability to blame the other party for it not going through


Would someone please ask Potus to justify why “America’s Dunkirk” was the right thing to do with REAL MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS given to our sworn enemies, but semi-autos are too dangerous for our law-abiding citizens to possess?
It would be nice to know why Military Style weapons are needed for the IRS auditors (future Gestapo). Couldn’t the be given a sign that says: “Don’t hurt me”?


No way does ammo or guns (or drugs or child trafficking ) come through the southern border. Just honest asylum seekers. In the liberal mind all illegal guns come from law abiding citizens who purchased their guns legally then gave them to criminals so the criminal can get on with their careers.

I think bankrupting the industry is one of their main goals. The supply lines that they are trying to dry up is for law abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves. We have to keep criminals safe at all cost.


1st of all when there is a strong opposition or force there is a second hold on response
combating violance is not removal of firearms
bullies , terrorist dont consider consequence only people with a conscience
when the people who commit crime are already dead men or woman walking or no conscience
there is no restraint
that means they dont care about life
the follow thier misquided meanings of right and wrong
this is why you must be armed so as to combat violance , trained, aware, and ready to protect , prevent and deteour those who are dead already , just walking around dead inside , nothing to stop them

the mind is a terrible thing to waste , there is always a consequence for actions


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I’m having no problems arming myself right now. This could affect the bottom lines of some major manufacturers but I think they’ll make it. The way I see it, more for U.S.! The simunition thing is a bummer but otherwise, for now, We are mostly unaffected by most of these recent restrictions. My gun shops still have plenty of everything.

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welcome Christopher465

the real reason is they need to arm all those military age males that are running across the border


That was my initial impression. So what? But a right is a right as you point out. Definitely food for thought.


Bit by bit by little bit. :thinking:


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It’s the most ingenious way of getting around Posse comitatus act!


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