It's Personal: How Supporting Ranges and Retailers Builds Stronger, Safer Communities | USCCA

The community of responsible gun owners is at a crossroads.

We’ve seen dramatic changes and growth inside the firearms industry in the last 30 years. In 1979, there were just 5,600 attendees at the very first SHOT Show, the nation’s largest annual firearms trade show event. In 2019, that number grew by more than 10 times to 58,000, with 2020 on track to beat even that.

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Do you go to multiple ranges or do you have one favorite?

I can appreciate the need for a place to practice. In developing skills with a lethal tool to know the when, where, and how, it not only instills confidence and a sense of security, it also reduces the likelyhood that bad things happen.
With this in mind, I can’t understand why there are those that oppose a place to shoot. Here in North Carolina, one of my favorite places to shoot WAS Carolina Precision Firearms in Rocky Mount, It was friendly, comprehensive and huge! I still can’t get a straight answer as to why it was shut down. And in another city near here, some of the citizens are up in arms because the local sheriff arbitrarily shut another one down.
Shooting ranges enhance proficiency, provide enjoyment, empower those that take their own safety and security seriously, and give a shooter a place to practice in a safe environment. Whats wrong with that?

I agree with you on that one, @Michael368. In order to be the most prepared and safest for our self-defense and protecting others, we should shoot often – it’s a perishable skill.

Unless there were issues with illegal activity (straw purchases??), I don’t know why they would shut them down. Well, aside from political rigamarole.