Range Mahem

I stopped into my range that I am a member at. I just got my silencer after 13 months of waiting. Anyway, Help Wanted sign was posted at the range and I had to inquire. It is not do you need me but, why are you hiring? and why is there a vacancy for this position? The guy at the counter knowing me well said," Employees are tired of the dangers going on by the customers!" He also stated, " I will be gone in two weeks myself!"
I even had to report a guy close to me shooting the pully mechanism randomly! No wonder some of the target mechanisms do not work well.
Lots of people coming into the range and the store with Washington State restrictions going into effect in July everyone is gathering up what they can before they become unavailable to the public. 10 round magazine capacity and all.


Shooting at the range and being trained aren’t the same thing. We see this all of the time on motorcycles. I talk to so many, mostly cruiser guys, who have hundreds of thousands of miles under their belts…every mile done wrong. Getting them to learn as the miles pass is nearly impossible. THIS is why so many push for training with purchase.


Glad to hear you got your silencer as it sounds like I ordered a month behind you, so hopefully soon.
I remember the yahoos riding and shooting, fortunately I dropped the idiot bikers and rode with the guys from my bike shop and the guys I raced with. First group was fast, but not stupid, second group on the road, we just went 65 everywhere,highway, Twisties, everywhere…got very Zen like.
Shooting…my club mates are just awesome. We got a good thing and know it, and no one wants to screw it up from what I see.


Appreciate the posts. I guess with the uptake in firearm purchasers, resulted in us seeing more errors in safety.

I’m getting into the habit of locking back the action, leaning towards DA/SA, and thumb safety’s. Just bought safety flags/plastic barrel blocker inserts. USCCA’s store has barrel blockers; I have some, the best accessory I’ve ever had.

We are those customers; May we learn, and learn.

Seems the range employment need is going on everywhere. Also, dangerous firearm owners, who think they know everything they need, are everywhere. Some of the ranges that have been around for quite awhile are not being kept up correctly.
Oh, I must agree also about motorcycle riders. I have 45+ years of H-D riding and was a Motorcycle Instructor for new people who were in the process of buying a motorcycle. They would take the Training Course to get a better insurance price or even some states would mandate the course.
Fact of it all, Training is the ultimate goal for everything.


One of the local outdoor ranges here have you shooting through metal tubes/pipes. Probably to lower insurance $$ but still not for me.

The bigger issue/question is why are they - the employees - not addressing these safety issues? Either the shooter is provided range rules/instructions and follows them or is immediately removed from the range. Firearm safety is paramount. If there are any snowflakes that cannot handle it, let them melt, but not while at the range. Put a bucket outside for their tears next to the bullet trap.

They have been addressing the issues, it is the regularity of having to address the issues that is wearing on them. Just saying!

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I have noticed that my local indoor range has a high turnover rate. I don’t utilize it very much but I notice that there is always someone new whenever I go there.

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Ultimate goal, or “first” things first? :blush:

Remember the record setting sales of firearms and ammunition of 2020/2021?

The concerns over firearm shops/ranges, and recent criminal shootings; Could this also be a fall-out or result of the high number of sales?

Have these two problems been the same the last 10-20 years, or increased incidents since past two years? IDK.

With Washington State and it’s limiting to a 10-round magazine., sales of guns are maintaining high!