It's getting Closer and Closer

“The Mexican military has recovered no fewer than 10 improvised explosive devices at the international frontier this week”

“A man armed with an AK-style rifle and two loaded magazines was subsequently arrested on the U.S. side of the border. A federal law enforcement source informed Fox Business that the gunshots in question were presumably linked to a drug cartel dispute over border territory for drug and human smuggling operations.”

SO, they run back and forth across the Southern Border setting up IED’s in their fight for places to cross. Wait Just A Minute, I Swear I Heard the Head of Homeland Security say “The border is secure…”.


“ The devices in question were recovered south of the border in the area of Pima County, Arizona.”

I didn’t know Arizona was south of the border. :thinking:


( For the Cartels!, They BOUGHT lock stock and double barrels!)
If anyone thinks American .gov is Corrupt as S***! They have nothing on the
The Southwest is getting to be a dangerous place, as with a lot of Blu-Cities, but in
Meh-ee-co you can disappear in a heartbeat!
Question: How is it possible that ‘Cuts’ are being made in the ‘Secure Border Wall’, Locks are being destroyed, gates are left open for these Invaders to waltz right in if BOTH sides aren’t PAID to look the other way?
This is all Planned and executed by both .gov’s.

Mi dos Pesos
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


I think it means recovered south of the border in the area of Pima County, Arizona, not in Pima County, AZ

My guess is they referenced the nearby area in our side of the border because more people will understand where that is than if they were to say which county (or whatever they have) in Mexico it was


They have good Trigger discipline though, ya gotta give 'em dat!

And they are adhering to Puddin’ MASK mandate, good solid citizens Ole!


Given that as many as half or more of the members of Mexico’s military and police forces are suspected of having ties to the cartels it is quite likely the people in this picture are former or current military or police and have received appropriate training.


Or……they are IRS agents? :thinking::grin:



Where We Go 1 We Go All!

“ZERO Hour a Comin Boyz!”
Lock N Load!


If the Mexican people are willing to live under the rule of drug cartels that is their choice and their battle. Though they may not have much choice since they aren’t allowed to have the arms needed to defend themselves.

I hope our government starts taking control of our boarder soon. If they keep letting the cartels freely do their thing over here the armed citizens here will eventually take a stand. That will be a mess that neither our government nor the cartels will want to deal with.


I don’t imagine our government gives a crap! I also don’t have any faith left that American citizens will take any action! The cartel will overrun Texas and Arizona.
What makes you think that Americans will take a stand when the CBP are cutting open the razor wire to allow said cartels to freely move into our country. We haven’t taken action on anything!
Unfortunately the United States is over! We have homegrown Jihadist calling for lone wolf attacks in the US. Drastic measures are required and the average American can’t or won’t get that drastic!

Sorry for the terrible outlook, but if we really wanted to stand up for the US, we would have done it sooner! Zips are in the wire, that requires an extreme amount of bloodshed! We’re just going to sit here like good little sheep taking it up the butt and meme about it!
This fool in the White House has 12 months left to completely wipe us out!

I thought how the people felt during the depression, as patriotic Americans, they knew they could fight their way back. We have no patriots left! I’m one, your one and I count maybe, another thousand here. We’re outnumbered more than Leonidas. We can laugh, but we will be fighting in the shade!

They have been stripped of their power and they took an oath. Grandma and grandpa on the farm or ranch aren’t going to do squat for fear of being, either shot at, or worse charged and jailed by their own government! J6 participants are still being hunted!

Tanks and the military should be deployed with orders to shoot on sight anything crossing!
Or the democrats are welcome to close the door.




But they want to disarm us, Yeah makes sense to me. All i want for Xmas is a drone jammer


Don’t skip over there vest to save there heartless souls


Eyes already gots ones of them. It’s a 12 guage shotgun loaded with 00 buck.


All I want…is a line of sight and the order to fire!


Well see i have that one. But now drones fly high an are dropping grenades on soldiers in trench holes, an made me think that when we the people have to finally stand up for what is right. That the illegals will have America’s government blessing to do so to us, sorry just thinking out loud my bad that will never happen


True and I’ve watched a few of those drones drop said armaments in those places. Unless they are using hellfire guided missiles, they have to come down into shot range. Will have to do like the tankers are doing and put a barrier over ordnance entry points.


The vast majority of Americans are still living very peaceful and productive lives from a historical perspective. They can go to sleep at night and expect to wake up unmolested in the morning. They can go to work or school and expect to return safely home. Until that paradigm changes for a much larger portion of people, and not just those stuck in the already disintegrated pockets of this country, they won’t take action. But when more people and especially their children face direct threats a higher and higher percentage of them will start reacting. We are seeing some of that now in sanctuary cities.

Many people are sensing the change coming. That is why we have so many millions of new firearm owners over the past five or so years. People see the wheels are coming off and that out corrupt government is not doing its job. I suspect that is why significant portions of the government are moving so strongly now to try and disarm the population. They don’t want to be held accountable for the consequences of their corrupt actions by an armed populace.

More people will be forced to take a stand as this debt induced Ponzi scheme economy crumbles. The problem is that the puppet masters controlling the government are going to do everything in their power to divide us and focus our attention away from themselves. So it could be argued that it is in their best interest to focus our anger against immigrants and outside threats like cartels and terrorists. When the chaos ensues they likely will view it as an opportunity to take away even more of our freedoms. So is the open boarder from ineptitude or intent? Really doesn’t matter since once people our forced to be out protecting their own streets because of governments inability or intent not to do so it is going to get messy and will be a hard genie to put back in the bottle.

Historically the most likely outcome is a savior/dictator harnesses all that anger and swoops in to save the day by promising to get rid of the current corrupt government and to wipe out all the outside others threatening our freedom. Once they consolidate their power then they will be free to take all our freedoms away without a fight. Rinse and repeat until enough of us can wake up and stop the cycle.


Sadly you speak a lot of truth


Yes! Two things. Waiting for the paradigm to change, is too late.
Second, while many of the populace has acquired a firearm, what percentage is on our side? How can you trust a Liberal with a gun?

I don’t know how to explain this but if it’s a civil war it will be obvious who can be trusted, but it takes patriots to save the U.S. from foreign enemies!
Are you prepared to trust a Liberal in your foxhole? I’m NOT. They become food, fuel or bait! They created this mess we’re in!

So I’ll pose this dilemma. How much will you trust your stalwart anti gun neighbor who just purchased a firearm? Is he afraid of you or the foreign enemy?