It seem like it was, but I wasn’t finding out

Started the day nice, had to dress for court, I knew I couldn’t have guns in court, and I didn’t feel like having to holster and unholster, kind of a mistake here.

So after court, I was going to head home, but then I forgot I have to pull money for rent, so I turn around go to the bank.

I pull in, it’s not busy, early in the morning, and this was 40 minutes ago, so I go inside, withdraw my money while dealing with the teller, she counts my money, I walk away, count the money again, put it in my pocket, and walk toward the door.

Upon exiting the store, I see a man in all black, his hand in the pocket, just like my 3rd robber was, I lock eyes with him for a moment and notice he’s wearing a black ski-mask, we are 2-3 feet from each other.

I walk past him, look behind and see him entering the bank.

I ran, I ran to my car, and got the hell out of there. I don’t know what he’s doing, but I sure am not going to find out.

Hope everybody involved is okay though.


Was it a full on ski mask or a face mask under a hoodie? I still see this fairly often with a fair number of people still in Covid mask mode. Some of them seem oblivious to the fact that their outfits are exactly what a criminal would wear if they were planning to rob the store they are walking into.

Covid has created the perfect excuse for criminals to walk around hiding their identity. I’ve read that some stores are starting to put up signs asking people to take their masks off before entering. Someone in a mask ups my suspicion level but if they give no other behavioral cues than I assume they are just stuck in Pandemic mode or have a legitimate medical reason for wearing a mask.


I still see single cars where the driver is wearing a covid mask, despite being the only one in the vehicle LoL :thinking:


I did that exact thing, once upon a time. Peak covid right at the start, when many states were shut down but my state was not, I had my windows tinted. Some random person was crawling around breathing all in and around inside my car for like an hour. I then immediately got in and drove home to stay on schedule. And of course I couldn’t even roll windows down because of the new tint.

So, yea never know what was in that car before you saw the person


I hope you learned from your kind of mistake. We are allowed to lock our guns in a lock box at the door here. It is not a problem to point it in the box and drop the mag and eject the round.


Did a call to 911 work its way into this scenario?


This being the current styling for NY, LA, Chicago and most every street in the United States, calling 911 seems to be an abuse of the system.
As far as I can tell @Forensic_Wow , saw a guy in Covid gear entering a bank.

Furthermore, once he and I ( the hooded figure ) cross paths, he’s someone else’s problem/responsibility, not in my lane. Especially if my sidearm is on the kitchen counter! Avoid, avoid, avoid.
If banking or just people in general wish to be safe, election season is coming, be careful who you vote for. Go ahead defund my day!
Granted, we’re living in ludicrous circumstances, holding people responsible is the first step.
Unfortunately, me exiting making my way home, hooded figure is no responsibility of mine. Had he intentionally kept me from reaching my car, different story. I do keep other weapons on me that are not detectable through metal detectors.



Yep. I’ve had people call over the phone of me being robbed my 2nd time. It didn’t make a difference in the police response time.

I don’t know what’s going on, he could be just applying for a loan and I just put his life at risk, because Police show up with guns drawn.

If I’m in the area still and I call 911 outside the bank, and we cross paths again, maybe he’ll retaliate.

If I did carry, carrying would give me a bit more options, I could observe in another part of the bank, and when he does his thing, stop the robbery.

But the associated risk with that, is possibly getting shot in the process.

So I would rely on my training I’ve received from the USCCA, and done the same even if I had my gun.

The concern though was, what if I stayed in there a little later, or if the man came inside earlier while I was in the process of a transaction.

I’d be completely defenseless.


Exactly, it may be a hassle but you may need it as soon as you can put it back on. But atleast you were still being aware of your surroundings


@Forensic_Wow If anything happened, at least you exited, what a close call, BUT, it’s that “WHAT IF” moment and you’re defenseless inside that bank is what’s mind boggling when you think about it had you not left on that particular moment. :worried: The timing and UNARMED! WHEEEEW! Close call. But you did right. :+1:


I didn’t feel like having to holster and unholster, kind of a mistake here.
If he has a lock box at his courthouse he can point the gun in the lockbox….

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I do use the lock box in my vehicle the Vaultek Lifepod 2.0.

Just didn’t want to bother with untucking my shirt, removing my holster, locking it up, re-tuck everything in go to court, come out, put everything back on and then tucking in my clothing again outside the courthouse.

It made sense at the time, but after putting everything on and trying it at home, it’s not as bad as it seems, and I feel stupid.


I keep a holster in the vehicle so don’t bother undoing anything. Also as stated it’s wise to carry oc spray if you can’t take your normal carry


You are absolutely right, as a civilian, you have no duty to intervene or investigate. In that light, why did you bother to post about it?


Yea but if we don’t. Who will? I am not saying put your life in danger. I am saying look him in the eyes, make eye contact if something isn’t right you will know it. If something or someone seems like they shouldn’t be ignored don’t ignore. I seems like crime is getting worse and worse. Staying safe is staying aware.


Just making conversation. My bad!


Scott I truly liked you and I checked out lots of the members that hang out and I seen not only do I not BLEAVE you are under experience in self defense and your mind set is week life is not a game and you are truly playing with like minded week end warriors cub scouts :bangbang: I FEEL BAD I LOOKED YOU ALL UP I WAS WRONG JUST ABOUT EVERY ONE I THOUGHT WERE MY FRIENDS WOW. I AND SAD THAT YOU ALL ARE PLAYING PROTECTERS WOW PLASTIC I HAVE BEEN SHOT 3 times and not playing :owl::feather::feather:

Do you hang out with any of the folks here? They are not even acquaintances much less friends. Pretty sure being judgemental will not help you learn much. Take what you like & leave what you don’t. Many folks here have some really good info even the ones you don’t care for. Pay attention to all…just me…


Try that in a small town sung by Jason Aldean. I am an American and I take all the friends as I can get them and the helping hand was a predator that was impersonating help from the predator and I should never have taken his hand. :latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross::us::us::us::chile::chile::chile::100::100::100::fire::owl::feather::feather::100::100::100: