Is this being recorded?

Your 911 call could be a HUGE help or hindrance to your case. Mental training for your 911 call can be very helpful. Check out what Tom Grieve has to say about recorded 911 calls:

What horror stories have you heard about 911 calls and how have they helped you train for a call you hope you have to make?

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Yes, you’re being recorded and most people don’t realize that with a 911 call it is still recording everything your phone can hear 30 seconds prior to and after you hang up.

There was a case a few years back where a man was convicted of first degree murder over comments he made after hanging up. Absent those comments it looked like lawful self defense in every way.

I’ll clean it up but he stated to the person he was with that he was glad that the perp was dead because he’d been wanting to kill him for years.

I wish I could remember exactly when and where it occurred so I could give a proper citation.