If you have to call 911

emphasized textAll of us here have already, I hope, thought through situations and what you would do. But have you thought about what you would say to 911? 911 starts recording as soon as it starts ringing so anything you say prior to them picking up can be used against you along with anything you say to them. Therefore you need to practice what you will say beforehand. Say it to the air, to a door or with a friend but practice doing it. Here’s what I plan to say:

I’ve just had to defend myself. Send police and an ambulance to_______.

And then hang up! They will record for as long as the line is open. You also need practice what you will say once police arrive. I practice saying:

I’m too emotionally upset right now to give a statement, I want to talk with my lawyer. I need privacy to talk with him.

As with the other, practice, practice, practice saying it and don’t say anything else.if you have to call USCCA to get the lawyer, try to get some privacy to talk with them.


Being prepared for the aftermath is important so I love that you are thinking about it. There are post-incident instructions on the back of each USCCA Membership card.

You may also find this blog to be useful: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/blog/in-the-aftermath/


I read some of your article and I would have to reorder the things said to the police.

The first thing out of your mouth should be: I need to call my lawyer and then shut the F’ up! The police are supposed to be trained in securing the scene and gathering witnesses statements along with their names and addresses. You do not need to help the police in their investigation. If they handcuffed me and put me in jail for the night, so be it… They have to feed me, protect me and ensure I get my meds or the proper medical treatment for the lack of giving them to me. If they fail in the latter, I’ll sue the hell out of the department.


Not a bad idea to have a friendly by-stander call for you. If possible.

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I wouldn’t trust a bystander to say what needs to be said and terminate the call.


It’s also a good idea to have EMS check you out. It I’ll give your body time to expel excess adrenaline. While your still hyped you may say something they WILL hold against you, excited utterances! Whether you’re Mirandized or not! Every word and every movement goes into the little book of notes.

That’s the person that tried to kill me and my family, that’s his weapon, there’s my witness, that’s where he broke in, now kindly a doctor and my attorney, please, thank you.

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I suggest that you have a lawyer already set up! Talk to a 2A supporting lawyer that the USCCA has available. Talk to them before even needing them and get a card with his number then put it into the phone. The lawyer will tell you what steps they want you to take if an incident does happen.


Crazy to think me a ( 2 ) Tour Army Veteran got ( 2 ) felonies and ( 4 ) misdemeanors for detaining with my CFP Firearm a guy that stole my car…as I’m in jail he came back to my home I’m buying and robbed it, my ( 9mm ) was ripped out of my lock and key safe, so I saw what was happening only to be chased out of my house with a machete, also knowing he was a violent offender on an ankle monitor…and cops never caught or charged him, and there is a mad amount of lies from the police, it’s likely because I can sue and plan on it…for their actions toward me, and lack there of doing nothing on my behalf…this is a true story, I nearly lost everything do the criminals, and the worthless justice system :/…I’ve been paying AP&P monthly for a year now, just to really rub it in that they have power like gods…It’s bizarre too because I used to do Armed Guard Security with that very 9mm for the City County Building, ya’ know where the Mayor work’s etc…also all this happened in the same day March 23rd of last year…I emailed South SLC Detective Hill about getting some of my property back, he told me he would ask the criminal if she had my stuff, instead of asking the Summit County Police being there’s an article about it online…so as I said for some reason this Bad Cop has it out for me :/…also don’t hire Craig Johnson to be your Attorney, the guy is as bad as the criminal’s that ruined my life, he was SLC District Attorney, and was being investigated for bribery so he quit, now he’s a worthless defense attorney. Worthless $5000.00 of my hard earned money ! ! ! One last thing being a member of USCCA is what led me to Craig Johnson :confused: . . … .my name is Oliver Jay Perry :). . . . I need some better contact’s to start the civil lawsuit ect :confused: … . . Life is crazy ! ! !

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Happy anniversary to you!

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