Parking lot robbery- 911 Call

Okay everyone I’m going to give a scenario and this is the question about a 911 call.

Congratulations, it’s pay day, you have no groceries in the house and it’s time to stock up. You’re heading to go to the grocery store you are armed with a handgun and you carry it on you legally.

You scan the parking lot for any unusual or suspicious activity, you don’t find any, and you stay situationally aware at the grocery store.

You go through the checkout, it’s just a regular night, you’re relax and calm can’t wait to sit at home and watch a movie with the popcorn that’s in one of your bags.

You head out to the parking lot, check your surroundings, and on the way to your car somebody pops up out from behind one with a knife and says “give me your money”

He has a knife, you’re armed, you determine that your life will likely still be in danger even after you give him everything you got, you don’t know how this is going to go down, so you yell “STOP GET BACK!” You drop your groceries, crushed your eggs, smashed your bread, and ended up pulling your gun.

The robber with the knife, shits himself and runs away. The threat is now over, and now you need to dial 911.

Now we have the right to not self-incriminate. The question is, what do you say in the 911 call?

Do you not mention that you pulled a gun?

Just say. “I’m at the Kroger’s on Cedar Street, I just had an attempted robbery, and the robber went running south in red sweats towards McDonald’s armed with a knife, I need police on their way.” then tell the police your location and wait for them to arrive.

Or do you tell them you’ve been robbed, and you had to draw your gun and the guy ran away?

Thoughts on this?

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I would tell the police exactly what happened because you did nothing wrong, you drew your firearm because the assailant had a knife and demanded your money. If you had discharged your firearm that would have changed everything. You give his description to LE when they arrive on scene and direction of flight.


You always tell the truth and talk with an attorney.

Look at this situation from the bad guy’s point of view - “That crazy guy just pointed a gun at me! I’m calling the police on him!” He calls the police, tells them you drew your firearm on him as he was “just talking to you” and the grainy security video shows you drawing your gun, but you can’t see the knife due to the way he’s angled.

Yes, that does happen. Being honest and the first to call the police can go a long way in any possible legal defense situation.


Tell them you were forced to draw. He may be calling to to report he had a gun drawn on him. First one to report probably gets to be the victim.


I agree… it seems that whoever calls 911 first is usually labeled as the victim. And so long as you are honest and up front, I would think you would be in the clear.


So you’re saying be up front on the 911 call.


The truth is best option, but the scenario you laid out the whole time i was reading this i was saying to myself man this person needs to move to a better community.


@Dawn has nailed it on the head. Truth always truth.


Yeah the truth is the best option. But I’m not saying to not tell the truth, I’m just telling you not to incriminate yourself. On the 911 call don’t even bring up you pulled a gun just tell them that you just had somebody attempt an armed robbery against you and ran off. Tell them where it happened and where you are, hang up and wait for the police.


Hopefully you get to 911 call before he does and says you drew the gun on him.


I totally agree with what everyone has said here, however in this climate prosecutors could care less about the truth. Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Just because he had a knife doesn’t necessarily mean you have to draw your weapon. There are still some facts missing, did he threaten your life, did he say he was going to kill you or did he just ask for money, how close were you? Commands and possibilities of escape are still options!
Be the first to call, it may help! The Mcloskeys are being charged, it was daylight and everything was clearly visible from ALL angles for all to see. I guess they forgot to call!
Me, I carry fake wallet with five dollar bill exposed, throw to left, draw from right, take cover, prepare to engage, if creep attempts to take your life, well,
we train for that, if he/she ran like wimp, holster weapon, call 911, call USCCA, sit tight, next time avoid area.

If that’s the case, how does perp explain having possession of my wallet? So many what if’s, so little time!


That’s the best answer I’ve actually heard. I do carry a fake wallet, and it has fake $100 bills. They open that well they’ll be a happy camper.

I’m just talking about the 911 call. If I have to draw my firearm and the man escapes, even if I didn’t fire, would it be okay to tell them that you are a victim of a attempted robbery, and the man ran this way, I’ll stay on the line and I’m at this location. Don’t mention anything about the gun, have it holstered, and retreat to a safe location like inside the store.

Wait for police to arrive and then go from there. Obviously if they ask tell them the truth but if they get into too much details just tell them you’re going to have to contact your attorney before doing a follow up.


You’re right there n the mark, only lawyers do details. If you have your membership card ,on the back are instructions.
That man tried to kill me
I’m willing to sign a complaint
That’s his weapon
Those people saw the attack
I will cooperate 100% but I first need to consult my attorney
Yeah , I agree what happens if the camera didn’t see knife, boot, hammer, gun or wimping creep tossed it. Details for lawyers, why is perp still in possession of my wallet and fake money? Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, Lawyer, Lawyer, Lawyer!


Fake $100’s ?! I would bet you could have some splainin’ to do if somehow a cop found them on your person or even in this scenario in your fake wallet. I can’t see that as a wise choice.

Leaving out details very likely will get you extra scrutiny when they find out as now the cops will wonder what else you’re not quite honest about. Video will very likely exist and they will find it. If you drew and the perp ran away, you are still a victim of an attempted robbery. What reason do you have to hide anything?


They’re obviously fake. First off they’re too big for a $100 bill, 2nd it’s not even made out of paper it’s like a cardboard material. If a robber sees the fake money he’s taking the wallet and going. He‘ll find out that they’re fake once he touches them.


See you committed a crime by showing your gun. I’m not saying hide any details, but tell them before you make a statement you need to talk to your lawyer and get everything straight in your head.

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The Feds won’t look kindly on those. I used to work in printing and there are specifics defined by law as to the size and coloring of simulated currency. Even though they are on an obviously non-standard stock, the size is too close. IIRC, size needs to be under 75% or over 125%. I think there was also something about serial numbers.

I understand brandishing. If you feel the need to draw, there should have been the need to shoot.

Either way, leaving parts out opens you up to more trouble than it’s worth.


So with this video and what the USCCA is telling me to do, would it be okay not to mention the gun?