Is our woke military capable of winning a war?

We’ll soon know the answer.

With or without the Joint Chiefs of Staff? :thinking:

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Take away politicians and let the military run the war we will win easily.


Take away politicians and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and let the military run the war we will win easily.
Fixed it or you! :wink:


Roger that…but since the joint chiefs are basically politicians by proxy we are saying the same thing.


Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan we’re doing just peachy…

All thanks to the politicians in office.Dont blame it on the ones who fought.George Patton wanted to take Russia right after WW2.Politicians gave them half of Germany.Guess we should have listened to a true warrior instead huh?


Agreed, some of our so called leaders make the republic weaker.

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We always said we got things done in spite of who they put in charge.

WHAT scares me is if we get into a war that requires a draft again. How many will run to Canada or another country? Patriotism isn’t instilled in our children like it used to be. God forbid we should have to fight another world war or ppl from the protected class here in the USA.

All of those “wars” have one thing in common. Artificial constraints of the military by politicians. I’ve said before that this the single largest problem we, as a nation have done, artificially constrained our military, and fought too many wars on credit. Unleash the military, and allow them unfettered ability to do their job of going in and breaking stuff.

But those who profit from Defense Spending do not want that.