Is my PA LTCF still good I moved to Ohio and obtained the OH CHL?

I recently moved to Ohio from PA and obtained my CHL. Is my PA LTCF still valid? I know PA amended their law to get around the Florida Loophole to by requiring citizens of PA who want a non-resident permit in one state to have obtained the license in PA. I believe the OH permit is superior to the PA permit, but I do not know if my PA permit is considered invalid since moving or good for until it expires.

Has anyone had a related experience?

I have not found an answer on several or more PA sites. I suggest you contact the PA AGs office or the Sheriff’s office where you obtained your license.


According to the Pennsylvania State Police, the license to carry in PA is valid until it expires, or is revoked because of a felony conviction.

You can get an out of state PA permit if you have your resident state license.

I agree with calling the Sheriffs office and asking them. I’ve always found them to be very reasonable to work with.

My guess (and only a guess) is that since you now have OH, it’s probably just an address change.

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When I called the PA State Police I asked that question. Even though the old address is on there, the license is valid. Thought that was weird too, but, so be it.


Yes I just called the delco sherrif and they said the same thing.


I’m not familiar with this. What did they change and why?

A few years ago. If you got denied in PA you could apply for a non resident FL which was reciprocated in PA. So now if your a resident of PA, you can ony have an out of state no resident so long as you had a resident PA.