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Nearly 20.9 million people worldwide are subjected to human trafficking. It is widely assumed that trafficking is a problem only in third-world countries. The truth is it happens right here in the United States. It’s been reported in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

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Human trafficking is a growing problem and threat. It is a major issue around the world and in the US.
Our open border policies help to allow it to expand and grow… but secure borders would not stop it.
Criminal groups on a global scale and world wide terror groups are involved.

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Wisconsin is unfortunately seeing it’s share of human trafficking. There are concerns about the upcoming convention season bringing more human trafficking to the greater Milwaukee area. It’s very scary.

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For additional info on an excellent group fighting human trafficking by working to equip, train and advise law enforcement, check out #DeliverFund here:

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Unfortunately, a lot of human trafficking is family abusing the victims and/or selling them for use by others. From there it often ends up with that person going to a pimp or abused in other ways. Women in jail toward the end of their sentences are seduced with gifts and attention. The straight back into the life.

Until we stop things like this idiotic failed drug war and put our resources to real crime occurring and freeing up prison space to keep these kinds of people in jail for a long time, we will never get a handle on these kinds of things.

I’m all for allocating resources to end human trafficking. Don’t believe, however, that the war on drugs is idiotic as you suggest. Drugs are a real problem in America. They lead to crime, shootings, murder, suicide, gang activity, broken marriages, broken families and so many more negative consequences. They are often tied to mental illness, used by those who suffer from it, causing more problems. Treating addiction costs taxpayers and individuals millions of dollars. And, those who participate in human trafficking prey on victims who have drug addiction because they are easy targets. They also use drugs to control their victims once captured. Build more prisons if needed.

Drugs and human trafficking can definitely go hand in hand. Allocating funds is very important - as is being ever vigilant and aware of what’s going on around you. Being a good witness and reporting trafficking can do a lot. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t want to get involved and look the other way.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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Frankly, I hold strong and very well considered opinions.So before someone attacks take a second to look and consider what may actually being said. I am not responsible for what you infer from your personal prejudices. I have read carefully and just plain looked around where I live. I firmly believe in the redirection of a large amount of our policing power and assets from a failed Drug War to real internal problems like Traffficking. It is not just sex but real slavery in this country and others.
When the self serving Prisons for Profit, Drug agents protecting their pensions, and more speak, I am mindful of their turf and power protection for their Gang in Blue. We have finally begun to see the police held slowly for their actions and missteps. More of them are currently being charged and put in jail or fired for their missteps. We have a long way to go. More have been charged,fired and put in prison in the last 5 years than the last 30 before.
Just as I believe in legalizing prostitution. You have only to look at the Brothels in Nevada. No brothel in Nevada has ever had to go out and recruit employees.
I believe in dealing with those that deal in the trafficking of humans and using them for any kind of economic slavery… sexual or for labor. Modern day slavery runs the gambit from the person being held in a house as a housekeeper to brothels. It is unfortunate that somehow we only seem to hear about trafficking as gang model. It is a much deeper problem.
More people are brought into this industry from a beginning in sexual abuse by relatives and gradually being drawn into other areas of this trade in time. We fail our children with a very badly managed foster care and support system for example. So=Called Family and Children Services often do a great deal more harm than good.
Just as women in prison who serve their time and get out to only being brought directly back into the same industry by a fact that they have little options when they get out. There is a carefully orchestrated dance with money and manipulation before they get out. There is little second chance or support for them to succeed in ordinary life.
Mind you that I have said nothing about the people importing cocaine, meth, fentanyl, and more. I frankly have no problems with the death penalty for the importers of drugs,their bankers, and their hierarchy. They know the harm that they are doing.
Countries like Portugal with their models of dealing with the drug issue has shown that our path is a demonstrable failure. Prohibition failed with alcohol. It is still a problem for and with users. But we deal with them differently. A large variety of programs that actually provide various drug protocols for users has not resulted in a nation of drug addicts.
I challenge anyone to show me a successful result of prohibition that simply rests on incarceration. The violence associated with street gangs is the results of fighting over turf among other things with the profits thereof. Men who have been responsible for implementing the prohibition model as heads of state are actively speaking against them now. That is a sobering thought.
The “Whiff of Pot” used to steal cars, money, and search property is a good example with the various crisis responses that happen on our roadways today. The various attacks on individuals are easy to do and to make it look like you are doing something to combat crime.
The Mandatory Minimums have been shown to be more of problem than the Power Pigs and Professional Persecutors want to admit. When Judges are apologizing to defendants for having to put them in prisons for up the Life, you have a problem. Michigan has done away with mandatory minimums. It is useful to look at.
The proliferation of No Knock Gestapo Raids and harm visited on innocent citizens is another. SWAT is no longer Special Weapons and Tactics called in to assist regular officers. You have only to look at South Texas in Houston and the murder of two citizens by police this last year to see this. The so-called top cop Acevedos is doing everything he can to mitigate this murder committed by his officers. Many more questionable killings and physical harm on innocent citizens including children in their cribs burned by police terror tactics.
This is a very complicated issue. We must change our direction on this issue. Starting with the legalization of pot.