Celebrating 1 Year of the USCCA Online Community!

One year ago today we started the USCCA Online Community!

Since then, more than 12,000 people have become part of this great group of people learning and sharing to help us all become the best protectors we can be!

Thank you for all of the awesome conversations about education, training, legal protection, our rights, and other fun topics this last year! I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!

A special shout out to the first 100 people to help build the Community!

@Deril, @Steve-G, @jnycatrides, @ShawnT, @Thad, @Lakerfan34, @Lisa, @Mike, @SeakK038, @mdstanzel, @Tankrachet86, @maddog, @45IPAC, @luke_ouellette, @Rev42A, @TWeinzerl, @Buggie, @rwsisson, @BigMike, @MrDJ, @PGRSteve, @DavidLH1, @Don5500, @LaughingEvil, @freedomfighter608, @Andrew, @PreGeezer52, @Kiko, @38Snubnose, @jeffrey2405, @Orpackrat, @NJStraightShooter, @midnight05, @Skywalker87, @W5tdn, @MikeB, @Art_Terry, @deranged, @Kerryman71, @Tejano1968, @KenM, @Steve4179, @Matthew_Arentzen, @Drd6315, @JGCoder, @James, @AdamJ, @mrpisces, @Michelle, @2A_American_Patriot, @ShaneB, @ddd9155, @FREERAVEN23, @JKetchem, @AAlan, @SGoins, @Sheepdog556, @BryanG, @HenryB, @wheelgunjimmy, @chan4070, @TacticalPoppins, @wkupson, @Dave, @Unclesteve, @Jbarry26, @Cali_Prepper1989, @JasonReeve81, @GodChaser, @Winsam, @Josh_Dummer, @Patrick, @Tony, @Joe, @Joseph, @Dave1, @Keith, @Wilfrid, @Jesse, @Steven, @Kelly, @Leo, @Robert1, @Richard, @Rick, @Phil-G45, @Don, @FracasAsNeeded, @Lucretia, @Emory, @David, @William, @James1, @Samuel, @Jonathan1, @BroEdward, @Ralph, @JAMIE, @John, @SKIdaho

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone for being so open, helpful, and amazing!
You are the reason we’re here! :heart:

Your dedication to being the protector of your loved ones and for being open to share with and learn from each other is the reason this Community is thriving! And we’re not stopping here!

What would you like to see from the USCCA Community in the next year?

No, free guns are not an option! :stuck_out_tongue:


Auto serial # removal on pics? :slight_smile:

Seriously, I love this place. Keep up the great work.


I can show you how to fuzz them out easily, @Brad! Check out Jing! That’s what I use. :slight_smile:

@Dawn asked me to test the new “auto serial number removal”. Here goes…


LOL! Wellll… You almost stayed in the lines, @TexasEskimo :rofl:


True example of Glock perfection. Lol


@dawn it’s the meth.

Seriously if this site and the admins do not change at all, it will remain my favorite forum. Good job to all that work this at the USCCA and especially to those who post. :+1:

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Congrats on the 1st year!

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The same what I’ve seen for last year. :+1:
Congratulations !!!

… and THANK YOU !


Do you mean the new online community is one year old? 10 or 11 years ago we were posting and talking here at USCCA. Tim used to post back then and comment also but I’m sure he is busier now a days. It used to be called Forum’s

Yes, we did close down those old forums. As the company grew and got busier the forums weren’t moderated and it became the wild west (think lots of ads/spam/bad advice). So those were shut down - I think it was about 6 years ago? I know it was before I started at the USCCA 4 years ago.

Well I’m glad they have you as the new Sheriff in town to keep us and it orderly :blush:


LOL! Thanks, although I don’t know how orderly I could keep you all if you all didn’t help keep the Community a great place for conversations. :slight_smile: