Well my girlfriend’s brother found this the other day buried in a crappy garage and forgot her had this little guy. I’m now have the honor of cleaning it and trying to find new grips and a couple of mags for it. Got it partially cleaned up, but still a work in progress. HAWES 25 CALIBER AUTO

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Net little find but I’ll share with you the most important advice I can share with anyone, "Never bet your life on a .25 Auto.

I might carry one as a second or third last ditch backup but I’d never bet my life on one as a a primary or even secondary weapon.


I know it, that why I told him I’m giving him one of my 1911’s for home protection. This little pea shooter would be lucky to kill a rat and NOT God for home protection.


.25’s are a lot like rattlesnakes. You’re a whole lot more likely to kill yourself trying to avid them than you are to die from the bite.

if you have to shoot someone with a .25 auto be sure and stick it in their mouth and aim for the brain stem or shove it into the eye socket before pulling the trigger.

The smallest SA I’d suggest anyone carry is a .380.

One exception to the rule is the .22mag, it’s probably the most underrated round for self defense in history. Loaded with 60gr soft points it has some serious killing power because of it’s penetrating characteristics.


My backup is a .357 snub nose revolver, so between my 1911 and that. if I can’t protect myself we’ve got some HUGE problems and it’s not from my lack of training😁

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If those two won’t do you better go big!

Let me suggest in such an event you seek the latest in home defense shotguns.


That works to, but not quite as good as a 50 cal. Rifle. Ya know, that way you can take them out behind the fridge 4 houses down…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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This is my ultra small for concealed carry in places where a regular firearm, even concealed, would be easily detected…

.22 magnum 30gr.

I know it looks like a noisy cricket. I call it a Fire Ant. A well placed .22wmr is going be just as effective as my other guns using more conventional calibers (most common and smallest other than the .22wmr is 9mm).


Nice, the reason I chose the 357 snub nose as a backup is because it fits in my pockets EASILY and you can’t tell. That looks like it works to though


Good choice but I’d strongly suggest upgrading to the 60gr soft points.

Is that the Charter Arms?

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NAA mini revolver .22wmr with 1 5/8" barrel.

Got the 30gr for the higher velocity on that short barrel, to help get that .22 up to speed as from what I’ve seen. If you dont get the .22 uo to speed, it won’t perform as well.

These are Winchester Varmint HV 2250fps.

When I get out to the range, I’ll take my chronograph and clock the velocity its shooting between various types of ammo.

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Do a momentum calculation while you’re at it and I think you’ll be surprised.

Calculating the energy will surprise you too.

It isn’t speed that kills (euphemism) it is penetration.

With big game bullets, particularly for large and dangerous game we look primarily at the Sectional Denisty and Energy as well as construction.

Many of the most frequently chosen bullets for dangerous game are rather low velocity cartridges firing heavy for caliber cast bullets.